Top Reasons to Add a Clear Top Coat to an Epoxy Garage Floor

Cars parked in a garage with flaked epoxy flooring

Homeowners searching for cost-effective solutions for upgrading the functionality and appearance of their garage often love the idea of improving the flooring with epoxy. It’s tough, durable, and adds a pleasant touch to garages used for storage, parking, and other outdoor projects.

Unlike unsightly concrete flooring, epoxy gives the space a professional and aesthetic look and feel, giving the garage a shop-floor shine. However, properly installing an epoxy garage floor is time-consuming and laborious, especially when prepping the floor coating.

Applying the clear top coat over the garage floor will also cost you a little more. But why won’t anyone want to invest a little more money and time to guarantee a long-lasting and stunning floor coating for their garage?

If you’re still confused, here are a few benefits that will convince you to seal the deal with a clear top coat on your epoxy garage floor.

#1- Adds Durability to the Garage Floor

Epoxy floor coatings add durability and performance to the garage floor while creating a surface that can withstand the test of time. The additional coat adds to the floor’s thickness and seals the top.

It absorbs impacts better, eliminates hot tire lift risk, and prevents condensation and moisture from permeating the epoxy coat. Once the coat is applied, your garage floor will maintain the same function and shine for years with minimal maintenance and repair.

#2- Protects the Color of the Coat

While resistant to most chemicals, leaks and spills that sit on the coat for longer periods can discolor some epoxy floors, depending on the quality and type of floor you chose for the garage.

Since the clear coat acts as the sacrificial layer, your garage’s epoxy color will remain protected.

The clear coat gives it a shiny finish and resists the yellowing effect that commonly occurs if the epoxy floors are exposed to the sun for extended periods.

#3- Prevents Peeling of Color Flakes or Paint Chips

If you’re considering getting bespoke flooring with color flakes or paint chips, the clear coat will protect them from collecting dirt and peeling.

When the flakes are embedded into the epoxy floor, grime and dirt sometimes build up around the edges, making it difficult to clean and maintain.

Activities like cleaning the floor cause flakes to chip away or pull upwards. Adding a clear coat means adding a transparent layer that effectively protects the color flakes.

Shiny Steel-coated Epoxy flooring

#4- Makes Cleaning Easier

Applying a clear coat over the color flakes makes it easier to clean. The mops glide over the floor without damaging the color flakes. You can scrub aggressively without worrying about the bespoke flooring losing its gloss or color flakes, regardless of how heavy the flake coverage may be.

#5- Hides Scratches Better

Most garage floor coatings eventually develop large or microscopic scratches on the surface. Clear top coats help to camouflage or cover the scratches, making them less noticeable. The coat helps retain the floor’s aesthetics while also preventing the color coat from being damaged.

#6- Adds Glossy Shine and Depth to the Floor

The additional top coat layer adds thickness and depth to create a richer-looking surface that reflects light better than colored coats. It makes the space appear luxurious without taking away the functionality. Clear coats are typically available in different gloss levels for unique finishes that meet your preferences.

Shiny Steel-coated Epoxy flooring

#7- Camouflages Anti-Slip Additives

The clear coat acts as an excellent medium for anti-slip additives. Since most additives are translucent, they don’t stand out when mixed with transparent coating. Adding them to a colored coat makes the granules more visible, giving it the look and feel of sandpaper on garage floors.

#8- Re-coats Can Make the Floor Look Brand New Again

After many years of rough use, epoxy garage floors may start showing signs of aging, depending on the activity levels they had to withstand. Floors with a clear top coat of polyurethane or epoxy can be easily roughed up with sandpaper before the new clear coat layer is applied.

The sanding process removes old scratches, blemishes, and other imperfections the floor coating may have acquired over the years. The new clear coat application will breathe new life into your garage’s epoxy floor, making it look brand new!

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