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All great stories start with an underdog, just some guy trying to make his way in a crazy world. The list of great stories include Rocky, Braveheart, Rudy, Bloodsport, but Steel Coated Floors should be at the top!

Our Steel Coated journey starts in the war torn Europe of 1949. Our Belgian grandfather had just finished whooping some Nazi ass and decided the best future for his young family would be in America. With a few dollars and a dream, he packed up his wife and four kids and set sail towards the promised land.
Upon arrival in the USA, our grandfather started a painting company and quickly gained a reputation as a hard and honest worker. He trained his two sons in the trade and although things were briefly interrupted by another war, over the next five decades, the business continued to grow.
As soon as we were strong enough to hold a brush, we started painting with our father and by the time we graduated high school we could do almost any job in the painting and coatings business. We continued to work in the family business through college and as soon as we had our business degree, we set out to add to the family legacy.
As we built our business, the focus gradually began to shift from painting to epoxy coatings for concrete. The Steel Coated process was refined through the experience of thousands of jobs until we could say with certainty that our floors would last a lifetime. In 2018, we made the decision to franchise our business and created Steel Coated Floors. We are now searching for likeminded individuals ready to work hard and create their own great story!
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