Chip Floors: What Advantages Do Epoxy Flakes Offer?


The epoxy flooring industry is fast-growing because it offers safety, durability, and aesthetics. The epoxy coating market is slated to reach a staggering $52.13 billion by 2028. It’s easy to grasp why since it offers many advantages and is cost-effective. Among the options that you can find in epoxy, one of the most popular ones in both residential and commercial buildings is epoxy flake flooring. It enhances the value of buildings and the durability of the floors. Here are some advantages that make it difficult to ignore epoxy flake coating as one of the best coating options on the market.

1. Economical and Renewable Flooring

Epoxy floor coating with or without flakes is one of the most environmentally friendly coating methods. The good quality epoxy is manufactured using the curing process which ensures no biohazards are released into the environment. When applied correctly, it also has no contaminants that can endanger the person using the room with epoxy flake flooring. The flakes are a polymer paint aggregate made using resin material, additives, and organic minerals.

2. Durable Flooring Option

Pre-engineered floors can get expensive, and they’re just not as durable as the epoxy flake floors. Epoxy floor coating is already a durable floor, and flakes can improve that durability. Applying the maximum coverage of flakes, which is about 5 millimeters thick, makes epoxy floor coating even more impact resistant. When flakes are applied to epoxy coating, it dries quickly, and in a few days, anyone can have a floor that lasts long and has unmatched strength and protection. It takes 24 hours for the epoxy floor coating with flakes to become walkable, and in 3 to 7 days, it’ll be able to bear the weight of heavy furniture.


3. Perfect for Abstract Looks

This patented combination of pigment, resin, and fillers with random shapes makes it perfect for abstract looks. It gives the floor a customized texture. The most common reason people choose epoxy flakes is the many color options and flake sizes that make the floor look good. Any room like the garage, basement, warehouse, etc., looks fancier and gets the other benefits of flakes in addition.

4. Easy to Maintain

Epoxy flake flooring is easy to clean and has a seamless flow that doesn’t collect any dirt, germs, bacteria, or moisture. Sweeping or mopping flake flooring is quick and easy, so you won’t have to spend hours removing stubborn stains. All you need to clean the epoxy floor is to clean it with some soap and water. It’s another reason why resinous flooring is considered economical. It doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars on cleaning products.


5. Combines Safety and Aesthetics

Are epoxy flakes necessary? No, you can just get an epoxy floor. The flakes combine safety and aesthetics, and they’re growing fast in popularity. It makes the floor safe and brings back a luster to it that’s unmatched. It provides value and beauty to the room it’s applied to and gives you a good return on your investment due to its durability and lasting power. It also has anti-slip additives and can function in various circumstances, making it not only one of the most cost-effective flooring options but also one of the safest ones.

Flakes make epoxy floor coating better because a solid coat of epoxy that doesn’t have anti-slip additives can be dangerous. If you track water in, there’s a chance someone might slip over it and hurt themselves. Adding flakes to the epoxy floor coating will increase traction and reduce the falling probability significantly.

6. Color Matching is a Dream

There are over 150 custom colors in epoxy flakes. Most people who don’t have enough information about epoxy flakes or haven’t experienced it believe gray and black are the only options. Although they are the most common colors used on industrial sites, there is much more to choose from. You can combine any of the colors you prefer to match the theme of the room or get the desired look.

dark gray one-toned full coverage flakes on epoxy floor

7. Hides Imperfections

Concrete floor coatings can hide imperfections to an extent, but nothing hides scuffs and marks on the floor better than epoxy flakes. Not only does it look like you have bespoke flooring, but the imperfections on the actual floor will all but disappear thanks to it. Flakes come in various sizes, and depending on how close they are, they will cover the floor more. The floor can have anywhere from light to full coverage.

8. Takes Away Echoes & Dampens Sound

In warehouses or residential rooms like the garage or basement, you’ll find that sounds tend to echo a lot. If this is a problem you want to get rid of quickly, epoxy flake coating is the way to go. Resinous flooring provides a seamless and flexible surface. This surface reduces or deadens the noise of foot traffic and traffic as well.

Looking for Flake Options with Your Epoxy Floor Coating?

Flaking is a design option that can elevate the look of your epoxy floor coating, and the better the quality and installation, the better the results will be. Steel Coated Epoxy Floors offers top-quality epoxy floor coating and a multitude of flake options, all with a lifetime warranty!

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