Your favorite truck, bike, or car sitting in your garage is your prized possession. Perhaps you’re an avid car enthusiast who has a vast collection. Understandably, you don’t want to leave your vehicle parked outside—where it’s vulnerable to theft, vandalism, accidents, and environmental damage.

As a result, you spend time and countless resources on building the perfect garage to house your vehicles. Unfortunately, doing this isn’t easy. You’ll often see tire marks imprinted on a car enthusiast’s garage floor because they didn’t use the right type of flooring.

Concrete floors might seem the obvious solution, but they’re not impervious to hot tire marks. As a result, most vehicle owners often get industry epoxy floor coating for their garages. Industrial-grade epoxy is durable, smooth, and glossy. It’s the best way to protect your garage’s floor, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.

However, your vehicles and your garage deserve the best treatment. That’s where we enter the mix. Our steel-coated floors are a notch above the standard epoxy-coated floors you’ll find in most garages. They offer functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

You’ll also be happy to know that our floor coating service isn’t only limited to garage floors. Whether it’s a shop, hangar, warehouse, patio, or basement floor, we’ll make sure to add functionality, aesthetics, and value to your property with our steel-coated epoxy floors.  

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In addition to its durability, our steel epoxy flooring is also corrosion-resistant. We understand chemicals are often prevalent in garages, warehouses, and shops. As a result, our steel-coated epoxy flooring is built to resist the effect of harsh chemicals and protect your floor from damage.

These floors are also resistant to moisture and oils, making them perfect for the harsh Arizonian climate. As a result, fewer cleaning procedures are required. If you’re looking for a steel flooring contractor in Arizona, you cannot go wrong with us.

Steel Coated Floors has over 30 years of experience providing durable flooring for various projects, including mancaves, garages, basements, hangars, patios, etc. We’ve established ourselves as a leading epoxy flooring contractor through years of proven success. We also provide a lifetime warranty with every new floor, meaning you don’t have to worry about your coating. If any problems arise, all you need to do is give our experts a call, and we’ll fix the problem immediately. Our flooring solutions are also 100 percent waterproof.

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