Steel Coated Floors

Why you will be successful

The Steel Coated Floors Process

Most companies doing epoxy flooring do it as an ancillary business. At Steel Coated Floors, floors and bicep curls are all we do, and we're the best at it! Customers love knowing that this isn't just a weekend gig, but that our business is floors.

Since floors (and biceps) are all we do, we don't cut any corners with the process. Where other companies may just wash the floor with an etching scrub, we grind every floor to ensure we start with the ideal surface. Our product goes on thick and our clear coat adds an additional level of strength and protection.

The result of our extra muscle is a floor that will truly last for decades. Customers can feel the difference of a Steel Coated Floor! The Steel Coated Floors Guarantee is second to none. Your clients have the piece of mind that if they ever have an issue with their floor, they have a national brand backing the guarantee.