Commercial properties like garages, warehouses, shops, and airplane hangars witness significant daily traffic. This traffic can put stress on your property, damaging its floors. For instance, airplane hangars often store private jets weighing between two to ten tons. That’s a lot of weight for your floor to absorb, and regular usage will cause your airplane hangar’s floor to succumb to this immense weight, resulting in cracks.

Similarly, your garage will store your prized vehicles. After all, you cannot expect to leave your precious car on the street, where it’s vulnerable to theft, vandalism, accidents, and environmental damage. Most car enthusiasts think a concrete floor is perfect for their garage, but it rarely is. Hot tires often leave marks on your concrete floor after you’ve taken your car for a spin.  

Warehouses and commercial shops also have similar issues. These properties see significant footfall daily, which affects the floor’s durability.

As you can see, protecting your floors is necessary because many elements can affect them. Your flooring will affect your property’s appearance and functionality. As a result, your floors will also naturally impact your property’s value.

Property owners concerned about their floors and property value understand that concrete floors aren’t enough. Hence, they often invest in industrial epoxy floor coating. If you’re looking for a steel flooring contractor in Virginia, you cannot go wrong with Steel Coated Floors.

We provide numerous floor coating services, including garage floor coatings and industrial-grade epoxy floor coating, to ensure your floors add to your property by providing durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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We’re the perfect choice for you because we have over 30 years of experience with varying projects. Our proven track record and success speak for themselves. Although we’re headquartered in Utah, we provide flooring services in 12 states, including Virginia.

Our steel-coated epoxy floors are the best choice for your property for several reasons. Firstly, they’re extremely durable, meaning your floor will become resistant to wear and tear with our coating. It’ll also be less susceptible to cracking despite all the traffic it receives. In addition, our coating will also protect your floor from chemical and oil spills.

Moreover, our steel-coated epoxy floor is also corrosion-resistant, meaning it can withstand harsh chemicals spilling on it. You don’t have to worry about these chemicals destroying your floor.

Our coating also reduces the cleaning efforts required to clean your floors. Our coating is resistant to moisture and oils. You can also clean marks, dirt, and spills on your floor with a mop.

Lastly, you’ll be delighted to know we offer a lifetime warranty on every new floor. Our floors are also 100 percent water resistant.

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