Why Steel Coated Floors

"Eighty-Nine Percent, Yo!!


Did you know that Americans spend over $300 billion each year on remodeling and home upgrades?

Did you know that 89% of homeowners are unsatisfied with their garage? Eighty-Nine Percent!

Did you know that CNBC reported that in 2018, the number one return on a home upgrade investment was in the garage?

The breakdown:

  1. $300 billion.
  2. 89% of homeowners are unsatisfied.
  3.  Best return on investment.

Based on the data above, homeowners want to upgrade their garage. Becoming a Steel Coated Floors franchisee will help you to seize the opportunity. No customer has ever regretted their investment into their garage through Steel Coated Epoxy Floors! Steel Coated Floors has low start-up costs, protected territories, targeted marketing, operations support, and a product that is the best in the industry. Becoming a franchisee means you get on the job training and real time support. This franchise is home-based; therefore, no retail space is required to operate, and few employees are needed. You can be in business in as little as 30 days!

"Carry the one..."