Steel Coated Floors

Why Steel Coated Floors

Let's Do This!

"Eighty-Nine Percent, Yo!!

Did you know that Americans spend over $300 billion each year on remodeling and home upgrades?

Did you know that 89% of homeowners are unsatisfied with their garage? Eighty-Nine Percent!

Did you know that CNBC reported that in 2018, the number one return on a home upgrade investment was in the garage?

The breakdown:

1. $300 billion.
2. 89% of homeowners are unsatisfied.
3. Best return on investment.
4. You'll become more masculine than your neighbor.

"Carry the one..."

These are the opportunities that a Steel Coated Epoxy Floors franchise offers you as a franchisee. You will continually make homeowners wonder how they ever went this long without epoxy coating everything in their life (trust me, people are weird).

Steel Coated Floors has low start-up costs, protected territories (200,000+ population), marketing, operations support, and a product that is the best in the industry. Franchisees get "on the job training" and "real-time" support. Few employees, HUGE margins, and no retail space. Be in business in as little as 30 days!