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When you own or operate a commercial business, you want it to look tidy and well-kept, especially if it is open to the public. Epoxy flooring looks beautiful and is much easier to keep clean than carpeting or other types of less-durable flooring. Businesses in Draper, Utah and other nearby cities count on Steel Coated Floors to provide the best in commercial epoxy resin flooring.

Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

A large segment of our customer base is industrial, such as automotive shops, warehouses and factories. Some of these businesses choose to stay with their original concrete flooring, but the argument to make the switch to epoxy concrete floors is persuasive. 

Commercial concrete floor coatings are strong — they can handle the weight of thousands of pounds of freight as well as machinery such as forklifts and scissor lifts. They’re durable, so they will last many years. They’re much easier to clean than concrete because of their smooth finish. Simply vacuum, sweep and mop and they will stay looking like new. 

Many industrial facilities lack windows, giving the workplace a depressing atmosphere. A shiny, metallic epoxy floor coating in a light color can significantly brighten up the workspace, improving employee morale. 

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Retail Spaces

Many retail spaces love the look they get with epoxy flooring. Clothing outlets often have an industrial feel to them, and an epoxy floor coating dresses up a retail floor and makes it easier to clean. 

Car dealerships, department stores and grocery stores do well to choose epoxy floors because they hold up well to heavy foot traffic and are strong enough to support fixtures and even vehicles. 

Epoxy flooring in restaurants helps set a mood, makes cleanup easier and you can even get a component added to the mix that retains the high shine while lessening the incidence of slips and falls. 

an image of a floor with epoxy floor coating

Epoxy Office Floors in Draper and Northern Utah

Companies often regret their decision to install carpeting at their business offices. Carpeting quickly becomes soiled, and after a while, cleaning it doesn’t help anymore. Epoxy office floors look like new for many years. It’s easy to clean up spilled food or muddy footprints, and you will have fewer worries about contamination and germs because your epoxy office floors can be sanitized. 

Even if you do decide to install carpet in your office, you will want commercial bathroom floor coatings for your restrooms. Epoxy floor coatings have a smooth (but not slippery) finish — unlike tile — so there is nowhere for germs and grime to build up. Mopping the epoxy floors with bleach every night will sanitize them. Commercial bathroom floor coatings are also perfect choices for malls, retail stores, schools, municipal buildings and anywhere there is a public bathroom. 

Best Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

If you are interested in commercial concrete floor coatings for your business in Draper, Lehi, Eagle Mountain, or any other Northern Utah area, contact Steel Coated Floors today.  

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