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Your home is your largest investment, and for that reason you want it to look nice and to keep it in good repair. Unfortunately, however, many homeowners neglect some parts of their home in favor of others. At Steel Coated Floors, we want to remind you that installing epoxy flooring for homes will improve your Northern Utah, property’s look, and by extension, your home values. 

Epoxy Basement Flooring

Most basement floors are poured concrete. They serve their purpose, providing a strong foundation for the home. But they aren’t especially pretty. That’s why many residents in Draper, Lehi, and Eagle Mountain opt for epoxy floor coatings. 

If you plan to finish your basement to add to your living space, you might think about installing a rug. But that can be problematic if your basement leaks during rainstorms. Even if doesn’t, basements tend to be damp, and a rug could harbor mildew growth and bad odors. Epoxy basement floors are the perfect solution. An epoxy coating protects your concrete floors from cracking and chipping, leaving them beautiful and shiny. Your epoxy basement floors will increase your home’s value and greatly brighten your space. 

Epoxy Garage Floors

You probably use your garage every day, so why should you allow such an important room to have a dull, stained concrete floor? An epoxy garage floor will repel stains such as oil or other fluids that may leak from your vehicles. The hard, shiny surface of a garage epoxy floor is much easier to sweep, vacuum and mop than bare concrete, and if you choose a light color, your epoxy garage floor will significantly brighten up the room, even if you have no garage windows. 

While DIY garage floor refinishing kits can be found in any home improvement store, the problem is that they don’t last. One reason is because you are parking your heavy vehicles on your garage floor every day, and your epoxy coating must be strong enough to withstand this. Additionally, homeowners do not have the skills that professional epoxy garage flooring installers do, and if the flooring is not properly installed, it will crumble long before its time. 

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Other Types of Concrete Coatings

Epoxy is the Cadillac of floor coatings, providing both strength and aesthetic beauty, but Steel Coated Floors offers other types of concrete floor finishes as well, including: 

  • Stained concrete floors
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Painted concrete floors

When you call our epoxy floor finishers, we can talk to you about what would work best for your purposes. Epoxy flooring is strong, durable, long-lasting and is a good option for floors in your home that get a lot of use or are exposed to heavy weights. They’re also so easy to clean and so attractive that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get epoxy floor coatings in your Utah home years ago. 

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