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The flooring option used in heavy-duty areas like basements, garages, and warehouses plays a huge role in how effectively you use the space. The more functional and durable your surface is, the less likely you are to require replacements or excessive repairs. Moreover, you won’t have to stall your operations for these repairs.

Moreover, steel coated epoxy floors have an attractive finish that’s gleaming and change the vibe of your commercial space. If you’re a garage owner and use a lot of chemicals in your space, you might fear that stains and cracks might leave a bad impression on your clients. But that’s not the case with steel coated epoxy floors. These floors will make your commercial space look like new. This is precisely why you need to install the steel coated epoxy floors at your space.

Epoxy coating is considered one of the best finishing options available for commercial sites. Whether you manage a garage, a showroom, a warehouse, a hangar, or an industrial site, you need a durable and practical floor coating solution for your space. Installing steel coated epoxy floors allows you to have a protective layer over the flooring surface, keeping it safe from wear and tear, corrosion, cracks and scratches, and stains and spills. The waterproof coating makes the surface easy to clean and maintain, preventing structural or cleanliness issues.

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Moreover, the glossy finishing also stands out and adds an impressive touch to your overall space, making it look more elegant. The reflective nature of steel coated epoxy floors enables you to brighten up the area and prevent a dull and gloomy aura.  

Our steel-coated epoxy floors also come with 100% seamless lifetime guarantee. You don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon or investing in costly repair work. When you invest in our garage floor coating, you’re making a long-term investment that will add immeasurable value to your property.

While popularly used for floors in garages, showrooms, hangars, and warehouses, our steel-coated epoxy floors are also suited for residential projects. You can use them to refurbish your garage or basement floor, or patio. Our floor coatings are super versatile, making them all the more popular in Louisiana.

Ready to revamp your commercial or residential property in Lafayette, Louisiana? Our team is here to help. Steel Coated Floors has more than 30 years of experience installing steel coated epoxy floors. We’ve completed dozens of residential and commercial projects and helped our clients enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their properties.

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