Tired of Wimpy Floors?

Your Garage Is Your New Mancave!

You won’t find any scented candles here. Instead, you’ll find a place to put your tools, jack up your truck, and get some work done. Here you will find Steel Coated Epoxy Floors.

You’ve Sacrificed Enough

It’s Time To Do Something For Yourself.

Do you hate your garage floors? Do you worry that your children think less of you because your garage floors are the concrete equivalent of Screech from Saved By ?The Bell? Then put your big boy pants on and get those floors Steel Coated!

Get That Steel Coated Swagger!

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With our proven process and lifetime guarantee, you won’t have to worry about what gets all over the floor. You’re covered! It’s time to do something that will echo in eternity.
Strength that Matches your Horsepower
Worried that your floors won’t meet the demands of your truck? Our steel coated epoxy floors are up to the challenge!
Take Back your Garage
The enhanced appearance of our steel coated epoxy floors ensures that you will have a garage you will be proud to spend time in!

Get The Steel Coated Lifetime Warranty With Every New Floor!

Our lifetime warranty is the best in the business! How do we know it’s the best? Because you get a trophy… that’s how we know! Save the certificates and stickers for infomercials and dance recitals. Display that trophy with pride! If you ever have a problem with your floors peeling, bubbling, chipping, or showing any other signs of being wimpy, WE WILL FIX IT! No questions asked.


Ready To Become A Man?

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors is giving you the opportunity to salvage your manhood, and the masculinity of your home. What do YOU have to show for yourself? Some flowers on the bedside table? Scented candles in the living room? Do something for yourself and get your garage done with Steel Coated Epoxy Floors. 

  • Strengthen your floors
  • Have the garage that your neighbors envy
  • Host your next poker game with pride

Franchising Opportunities

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors is now franchising across the country. This is your chance to join the $400 billion home improvement industry. Own a business with low cost of entry and huge potential!

Our Process

At Steel Coated Floors we’re serious about strength. Every Steel Coated Floor gets prepped, grinded, coated, and sealed with our special epoxy and clear coat. The finished product is a floor that will hold up no matter what you drag, park, or run over it.

STOP Parking On This

START Parking On This


Get Your New Steel Coated Expoxy Floor Today!

Don’t wait for your neighbors to lead the pack when you can.

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