Steel Coated Floors

Tired of Wimpy Floors?

Your Garage Is Your
Man Cave!

You won’t find any scented candles here. Instead, you’ll find a place to put your tools, jack up your truck, and get some work done. Here you will find
Steel Coated Epoxy Floors.


It's Time To Do Something For Yourself.

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors is the best value available as a 100% Waterproof, 100% seamless lifetime guaranteed coating. Our product is smooth enough to mop while textured enough to walk safely when wet. Sure, you can find a cheaper price out there but the peace of mind of having a floor coating that’s guaranteed for life is worth it. Many of the floors we do are failed coatings from the other guys. Don’t make that mistake! Get it right and guaranteed the first time.

Why Steel Coated Epoxy Floors?

With our proven process and lifetime guarantee, you won’t have to worry about what gets all over the floor. You’re covered! It’s time to do something that will echo into eternity. 

Strength that Matches your Horsepower

Worried that your floors won’t meet the demands of your truck? Our steel coated epoxy floors are up to the challenge!

Take Back your Garage

The enhanced appearance of our steel coated epoxy floors ensures that you will have a garage you will be proud to spend time in!

Get The Steel Coated Lifetime Warranty With Every New Floor!

Our lifetime warranty is the best in the business! If you ever have a problem with your coating, even if it’s your fault, just give us a call and we will fix it! Good luck damaging that coating, though. Our product is as strong as steel!

Now serving
Lafayette, Louisiana
Phoenix, Arizona.

  • "These guys are simply the best at what the do! You should not even consider hiring anyone else. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and in this case, you get more."

  • “Did an amazing job on our suspended-slab garage floor! The treatment looked great and stopped all the leaks into the space below.”

  • “I should have had them finish my garage floor years ago. Turned out FANTASTIC!!”

  • “These guys are the best when it comes to epoxy coating. My neighbors even got their floors done after seeing mine.”


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