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Your Garage is Your Domain!

Worthy of parking your luxury sedan, boat, motorcycle or minivan while strong enough to jack up your truck to get some work done.


Steel Coated Floors Increase Functionality

Whether a garage, shop, showroom, airplane hangar, patio or basement floor, we provide floor coatings that help you increase aesthetics while adding real value to your property. Floors are much more than impression casters for your home or shop.  They affect your mood and health along with reflecting stability and sensibility.  The mood and stability that Steel Coated Floors offer prove them to be the best floor coating to provide the ideal environment for you to simply enjoy the ease of maintaining cleanliness while protecting your concrete.

Give Your Garage a Durable and Attractive Finish

Epoxy floor coatings give your garage a durable and attractive finish. Transform your garage into something worthwhile with an epoxy floor coating that is resistant to the chemicals and corrosive substances that garages are exposed to.

What is an Epoxy Floor Coating

Compared to the low-quality regular garage floor paints, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors are comprised of a resin part and a hardener part. This compound results in a permanent bond to the concrete along with a tough surface that is easy-to-clean. This high solids, solvent based combination is unattainable with water based or one part concrete paints.

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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring


As much as we believe in making your man cave functional, we stand by environment-friendly values. The high cohesiveness of epoxy prevents the fumes from dissolving into the environment. The sturdy coating needs minimum recoats that further prevent the use of chemicals


Your garage floor becomes resistant to wear and tear with an epoxy coating. Despite the traffic it witnesses, the steel epoxy flooring is durable and less susceptible to cracks. The stains resulting from oil or chemical spills are easily wiped off with a mop

Corrosion Resistant

A lot of chemicals are used in garages. Steel coated epoxy flooring is resistant to the harsh chemicals and protects the floor from damages that chemicals can cause

Less cleaning efforts required

Being resistant to moisture and oils make it easy to clean and maintain the epoxy floors. The smooth epoxy floor makes mechanical work easy as well. Any marks, dirt, or track can be cleaned with a mop without much effort

Greater Visibility

Break the monotony by owning a garage that is alive and happening. The general belief of garages being dark and gloomy can be changed by epoxy floors that are reflective and enhance the lighting in the room, changing instantly the quality and feel

Beautiful Flooring Solution

Find an epoxy floor near you that is beautiful and inexpensive at Steel Coated Floors. The constant gleam and the consistent floor that lasts longer and makes your working environment delightful yet sheltered and tough

Get The Steel Coated Lifetime Warranty With Every New Floor!

Our lifetime warranty is the best in the business! If you ever have a problem with your coating, even if it’s your fault, just give us a call and we will fix it! Good luck damaging that coating, though. Our product is as strong as steel!
  • "These guys are simply the best at what the do! You should not even consider hiring anyone else. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and in this case, you get more."

  • “Did an amazing job on our suspended-slab garage floor! The treatment looked great and stopped all the leaks into the space below.”

  • “I should have had them finish my garage floor years ago. Turned out FANTASTIC!!”

  • “These guys are the best when it comes to epoxy coating. My neighbors even got their floors done after seeing mine.”


Our target projects

Are you thinking about getting epoxy flooring for the garage in your home in Las Vegas Nevada, Prescott Arizona, Salt Lake City Utah, Layton Utah or any other city in Utah? Epoxy coatings make a big difference in the look and functionality of your garage floor. Your new epoxy coated garage floor will be shiny, beautiful and as strong as steel.   


Just because you run a machine or automotive shop doesn’t mean the floor has to be ugly. Commercial concrete epoxy flooring at your Utah shop or other surrounding states will make work and cleanup easier than ever before. Commercial concrete floor coatings protect your shop’s floor from stains, cracking, chipping and crumbling. 


Brighten and lighten your Layton, Utah warehouse with a quality commercial concrete floor coating. Our commercial concrete epoxy is so strong you can drive forklifts and stack thousands of pounds of freight on it. It’s durable too, so once you invest in epoxy flooring, you can be sure it will serve you well for many years. 


Regardless of whether you’re garaging an airplane for business or personal use, you want the floor underneath it to be both strong and attractive. Our commercial concrete floor coatings in Las Vegas are durable enough to park an airplane on and bright enough to make any airplane hangar’s environment more aesthetically pleasing. 


Whether it’s a car dealership, furniture store or another type of showroom, your merchandise will look better on a commercial concrete floor coating in Prescott, Arizona. Commercial concrete epoxy provides the strength you need for your heavy merchandise and the beauty you want for your showroom and the surrounding areas. 


Why Choose Steel Coated Epoxy Floors

Steel Coated Floors has over 30 years of experience where we have encountered varying projects. Our years of proven success at providing durable flooring and lifetime guarantee make us your reliable flooring partner in Layton, Utah. We create garages that you will be proud to own and find it hard to leave!

A Garage Floor That Fuels Your Passion

Epoxy floor coatings, with all their luster and glam, set a tone of a place that motivates you to work and achieve the results you envision. If you work in your garage, reclaim it with the use of an epoxy floor coatings that ensues you have a place for work that you are proud to own. You will love spending time in your garage when you have floors with unmatchable strength and power.

Get The Steel Coated Lifetime Warranty With Every New Floor!

Our lifetime warranty on the floor coating services is the best in the business! If you ever have a problem with your coating, even if it’s your fault, just give our steel flooring coating expert a call and we will fix it! Good luck damaging that coating, though. Our product is as strong as steel!

Invest In Your Passion. Invest In Yourself

Get 100% waterproof and 100% seamless lifetime guaranteed industrial epoxy floor coating with Steel Coated Epoxy Floors. Polyaspartic, 100% solids epoxy, urethane and polyurethan, whatever product is right for you specific needs. The flooring is textured enough to walk safely even when wet yet smooth enough to mop. Get the best price on your floor coating with us, our services expand from Las Vegas, NV and Prescott, AZ to Provo, Logan, Layton and Ogden, Utah.