Celebrity Garages, Their Epoxy Floors, & How To Recreate The Look

classic car on a garage with epoxy floor coating

More than 49% of people will buy something if they see an influencer marketing it. That said, celebrities can influence even more people. Seeing their luxurious lifestyle compels many to either have the same thing or recreate it more affordably. That’s also true for celebrity garages. A garage can give you a taste of the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite celebrity garages with epoxy floor coatings. Even though their garages are pretty much museums or shrines to show off their love of cars, it isn’t impossible to get a similar feel. So, we also have suggestions to recreate the look in your garage!

Jay Leno

When we think about celebrities having an absurd amount of cars and a huge garage to contain them, Jay Leno is at the top of our list. The Tonight Show host of 17 years has an amazing collection of cars. He put that 17 years of talk show host money to good use and created something many people can only dream of.

So how many does he have? He has over 200 cars. Well, he can afford any car he wants. While that’s hard to believe he has that many cars, imagining having them all under one roof are harder. But he’s managed – through an aircraft hangar. He has a custom epoxy floor with all his cars in there. He even gave his garage a name – The Big Dog. The one-tone glossy sheen makes all the beautiful cars stand out. He stores and tinkers on them there. While some celebrities focus on certain types of cars, his collection is diverse in every sense of the word.

 black vintage car

How To Recreate The Garage

The first thing you need to do is get an aircraft hangar. We’re kidding, obviously. Here’s how to really recreate it. His garage is simple and all about letting his cars stand out. It’s a sleek glossy finish on epoxy floor coating. The garage floor coating is also a neutral tone. Colors change the perception of interior spaces, and the color of the floor makes the space look even bigger than it already is.

Tim Allen

The next celebrity on our list is Tim Allen, known for his role in the show Home Improvement, which aired between 1991 and 1999. His character was mostly shown using smaller tools that were electric or gas-powered. In real life, it’s the opposite. Tim Allen has a love for larger equipment: cars. His car collection and garage may not be as huge as Jay Leno’s, but it’s just as eclectic. He has everything from small and underpowered foreign cars to revered Porsches. Tim Allen also has a lot of race cars, with Ford taking up most of the race car collection. His own favorite is the 1950 Cadillac, but he enjoys racing the rarest of all Cobras, the Shelby Cobra S/C.

classic Cadillac car

How To Recreate The Garage

Tim Allen may have some jaw-dropping cars, but he’s kept the garage where he stores them quite muted. The cars are the show’s star, and we don’t mind that. To get the same look as the garage, you’ll need a self-dispersing epoxy in shades of beige and brown. He has grey walls to go with that, which are filled with frames. It has exposed beams and a tall ceiling too. If your garage also has a tall ceiling or an open space, all you need is some paint on the walls and garage floor coating, and you’ll be good to go! You can include an additional clear topcoat over the garage floor to make it look more glossy.

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is best known for the eponymous fashion brand. The fashion mogul and philanthropist is worth billions, so we’re guessing orange cars aren’t the only collection he has. Yes, you read that right, an orange car collection. People dream of perfect country houses, whereas Ralph Lauren dreamt about having a huge collection of classic cars. He’s made that dream into a reality. Ralph Lauren’s garage has Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Alfa Romeos, and more. Lauren is famous for his collection of rare automobiles featured in museum exhibits.

orange Lamborghini outside the garage

How To Recreate The Garage

Ralph Lauren’s garage differs significantly from Jay Leno’s and Tim Allen’s garages. For one, he has mostly orange cars. But that’s not it. The garage itself features black and white tones throughout the whole space. Since it’s not a tall ceiling garage or an aircraft hanger, this garage is one you can recreate in a small space too. The epoxy floors for the garage are stark black with white platforms for the cars. The walls and ceiling are pure white. He enhances the space with large overhead lights. Like the color scheme but not the look? Well, you’re in luck. The epoxy coating comes in various colors and designs so that you can add a black epoxy floor coating with white and orange accents.

Want A Celebrity-Inspired Garage? We Can Help!

An epoxy garage floor coating makes it slip-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. And now you can use epoxy floor coating for more than just protecting the floor. Of course, not many people have 200 cars or airport hangars to convert into celebrity garages, but you can recreate the look in your garage with epoxy! These celebrities provide some great inspiration for your next garage revamp. If you want to recreate the look as is in your garage, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors can help!

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