11 Tips for Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor

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Installing epoxy floors in your commercial or residential project is an important investment requiring much research. Due to the growing trend of decorative epoxy flooring, you’ll come across numerous contractors and companies promising exceptional service. Make sure you choose a flooring contractor that acknowledges the nuances involved in the whole process, from manufacturing to application.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right epoxy flooring contractor in Las Vegas:

Check their Experience with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors’ longevity and performance depend on their installation. Every contractor claims to be experienced with flooring materials, but not everyone has the right knowledge and expertise in epoxy. If your flooring contractor isn’t experienced with epoxy coating, it could cause many problems for you during or after installation.

Installing epoxy flooring is a complex process that involves chemicals, tools, environmental considerations, and unforeseen problems. Contractors must troubleshoot problems, create a safe environment, and avoid hazards, all while ensuring a smooth installation.

In addition, an experienced professional will provide you with a detailed project timeline, explain potential issues that may delay the process and prepare the project site to minimize interference in your day-to-day activities. All these project management factors significantly impact your experience and satisfaction.

Check Experience with Projects Similar to Yours

It’s also important to make sure the flooring contractor has worked on projects similar to yours in the past. For example, hiring a residential flooring contractor for your warehouse may not bring the same results as you expect. It’s best to look for contractors experienced in commercial, residential, and industrial settings because their increased exposure will keep your project as smooth as possible.

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Evaluate their Online Presence

Every reliable company establishes its online presence through its website and social media accounts. Ensure you thoroughly check their platforms and read about their work, services and other details. If a company’s website lacks essential information or client testimonials, has broken links, no proof of services (photographs/videos) or content that makes no sense, it’s better not to hire them.

Read Online Reviews

It’s not difficult to find what others are saying about a business these days. Online reviews give you access to the concerns, compliments and complaints that a business receives. Besides reading the reviews on their own site and social media profiles, make sure you read about them on different sites such as Google Reviews, Yelp, etc. These sites post customers’ unfiltered reviews and tell you about all positive and negative experiences that can help you make an informed decision.

While it’s difficult to find a business with zero negative feedback, here are some red flags to look out for:

  • Not responding to complaints or customer’s concern
  • Having more negative reviews than positive
  • Numerous customers having a similar problem

A reliable company always responds to its customers, acknowledges and rectifies complaints, and improves its process. Problems are inevitable, but a good contractor will find you the right solution with minimum inconvenience.

Request Personal References

To cover all your bases, you should also request contractors’ personal references. Having a small conversation with their previous clients will help you set some realistic expectations. They will tell you about the details that you may not find online. You can also ask for before and after pictures to get a good idea about the company’s service and performance. If your contractor refuses to offer references, it’s best not to hire them.

Look for Honesty and Quality of Work

Due to its high performance and durability, epoxy manufacturing is more costly than other flooring materials. Some manufacturers and contractors cut corners and use a low-cost watered-down epoxy coating to reduce the project’s overall cost while charging you a full amount. Make sure you find someone who is honest about every process and ensures high quality of manufacturing and application.

Ask for Relevant Guarantees

Another way to ensure the high quality of epoxy is by asking for a guarantee on materials and labor. Hire a contractor that guarantees high quality, durability, easy maintenance, and crack-free flooring. This will give you peace of mind and assurance that you’ve made a sound investment.

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Ask About Service Warranties

Many factors can hinder the epoxy installation process, like bad weather conditions, equipment malfunctioning, or a worker having a bad day. Make sure you ask your contractor about their service warranties; this will save you from paying any extra amount, and the company will look after any damages or prepare beforehand.

Compare Costs and Benefits of Different Contractors

Prices for epoxy flooring can vary from contractor to contractor, so get multiple quotes from different contractors to get an idea about market prices. Some contractors may charge more than others, and it could be because of their high quality or any other benefits they’re offering. Make sure you compare both costs and benefits before hiring someone.

Request Proof of License and Insurance

Whether you’re hiring an independent contractor or a flooring company, check their license and insurance. This protects them and you from property damage, disasters, injuries or accidents. You can also inquire about coverage for equipment policies and installation practices. Be upfront about all your concerns before hiring any contractor. When they provide proof of license or insurance, check it thoroughly to ensure it’s an authentic contractor’s license.

Check Portfolio of Previous Projects

You’ll probably find this on their website, but if you don’t, ask the contractor to provide you with their portfolio. This will give you a good idea about their installation process and results.

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