Why You Need Epoxy Floor Coating in Your Garage

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Garages are among the most overlooked part of any house or industrial location and affect the overall appearance of the space. If you’re looking for a no-fuss, effective, and durable solution to keep your garage floors in good shape with minimal upkeep, you can count on epoxy floor coating.

Our epoxy coating is made of strong additives like polyamine hardener and epoxide resin. It acts as a protective sealant and adhesive when added to a floor. When combined with the existing surface, it produces enhanced endurance and stability while adding a shiny look. Here’s why you need them for your garage:

Cost Effectiveness and Longevity

Removing existing, damaged flooring and buying new (or additional) tiles cost much more than getting epoxy flooring. You don’t spend time, money and effort to remove existing material or redo your garage floors. Epoxy coatings are affordable and offer high performance than many flooring materials.

Epoxy coatings are suitable for both residential and industrial coatings and offer a new and smooth look. While they require some drying time, they still consume less time than redoing your floors.

Once you’ve added the required coats of epoxy, you don’t need to redo them for quite some while. Epoxy flooring offers more strength and durability than wood or tile flooring, keeping garage floors as good as new. Epoxy also serves as an anti-bacterial layer, keeping germs, grime, bacteria and other contaminants away from the floors.

Spruce Up The Space

If you’re looking for an easy and effective fix to transform your garage space, epoxy floorings will give your garage a lustrous look and new dimension. Epoxy adds a shiny surface to floors, so any decorative light in the room will bounce off the epoxy, adding a new dimension to the space.

You can add quartz or mica chips into the epoxy mixture for a sleek and elegant look. These chips will catch glimmer while adding intensity to the overall interior. Another great option would be to use metallic epoxy coatings to get a more polished appearance. The best part about choosing epoxy floor coatings is that you don’t have to give up convenience, practicality and durability while decorating your garage.

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Hide Imperfections

Epoxy floor coatings come in many designs and color options that match and complement your existing garage floor. This way, you can hide imperfections and any previous defects on your floor. You can opt for epoxy paint instead if the defects are severe. Doing this will allow you to mix another paint color with epoxy paint to get the right shade (for masking defects) while enhancing the coating’s durability.

Protects Any Surface

Epoxy coatings work as sealants on your garage floor and are compatible with any surface. This way, the concrete underneath lasts much longer than usual, preventing wear and tear, stains, or other damage. You can also add multiple coats for better performance.

Vehicle Compatibility

Concrete surfaces are brittle and hasten the wear and tear of your vehicle’s tires. On the other hand, smooth epoxy surfaces don’t affect tires, and they are compatible with all kinds of vehicles. You don’t have to worry about your car’s deterioration as epoxy can withstand the heavy weight of vehicles, even for prolonged periods. This is why most people add an epoxy coating for vehicle storage spaces.

Highly Resistance Coating

Garages are subject to the highest wear and tear because of continuous usage; over time, the floors start to crack, crumble, and become uneven. Besides that, your garage floors may also come in contact with strong chemicals, liquids and other debris that contributes to their damage. Epoxy coatings block any elements from damaging the surface and add high resistance to heat, chemicals, moisture and heavy shock, all of which are common for garages. Let’s take a look at each of the protective features of epoxy flooring:

·Chemical Resistance

Chemical spills from car leaks or other products used during maintenance can wreak havoc on your garage floor. Adding an epoxy layer will prevent fluids from seeping through the floor, and you can easily clean them without leaving any residue.

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· Shock Resistance

Epoxy coating is referred to as the hardy flooring method, which adds toughness to the floors. They resist the usual impact damages that garage floors sustain, like cars driving multiple times a day, heavy items toppling, jarring crashes, heavy machinery or tools, etc. Even if you drop something heavy on the floor, it won’t leave a mark or chip the concrete if there’s an epoxy coat.

· Heat Resistance

Garages are typically the hottest area of a house due to the lack of ventilation; the heat accumulation also leads to premature floor damage. Epoxy can generally resist up to 200° Fahrenheit. For optimal heat resistance, you can mix phosphorous into your epoxy mixture because phosphorous-containing-epoxies can withstand higher temperatures.

· Moisture Resistance

During spills or flooding, your garage floors absorb moisture even after getting dried and slowly cause deterioration. Moisture damage can affect the structural integrity of your garages and, when not fixed, can spread to other areas of the home. It can also cause mold and other health hazards.

Epoxy coating adds a water-resistant layer to floors, preventing moisture absorption. If you feel that epoxy flooring is too slippery, you can add an anti-slip layer to get an extra grip.

Ease of Maintenance

Frequent repairs and maintenance are expensive and time-consuming. Epoxy flooring requires simple upkeep as they reduce dust accumulation and prevent damage. Concrete floors are brittle and coarse, while epoxy adds a smooth layer, making it easy for you to sweep the floors and maintain their shiny surface. You can choose any cleaning method or detergent for these floors as they’re resistant to chemicals and scratches. Ensure you don’t use any acidic products because they can reduce the shine.

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To get the most from your epoxy coatings, make sure you hire our experienced professionals at Steel Coated Epoxy Floors. We have been offering lustrous and highly durable floor coatings for 30 years in Layton, Utah, and we will do the same for you. Contact us for details.