Epoxy Flooring: What’s Fact and What’s Fiction?

Shiny floor with epoxy coating

The floor is the foundation of your home or office. You walk on floors and complete everyday chores on floors without realizing their importance. If the floors aren’t done right, they can cause discomfort and become an eyesore, and that reflects poorly on the entire space.

When it comes to choosing residential, commercial, or industrial floorings, epoxy floor coatings truly stand out from other options for several reasons. Let’s look at a few benefits of epoxy flooring to understand the reasons behind its ever-increasing popularity.

Once you’ve learned all about the benefits, we’ll also be debunking some myths for you so that you can learn to differentiate facts from fiction.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

#1- Epoxy Flooring is Durable

Epoxy floor coating is highly customizable, durable, sustainable, and strong enough to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. They’re known for their resistance to chemicals, moisture, bacteria, and other elements, making them a suitable fit for those looking for cost-effective, long-lasting options to spruce up the functionality and appeal of a space. Even if something is accidentally spilled on epoxy floors, it won’t damage the surface as long as it’s removed promptly.

#2- Epoxy Flooring is Easy to Clean and Maintain

If installed by professional epoxy flooring contractor who know how to properly install the coating, cleaning and maintaining epoxy floors will be super easy. Since the surface is non-porous, debris and dirt don’t have anywhere to hide. Hence, all you need to do is mop or sweep the floor, and you’re good to go.

Epoxy flooring with flakes

#3- Epoxy Flooring is Aesthetically Appealing

With so many flakes and color options available at Steel Coated Epoxy Floor, you can choose the look and feel according to your preference. Our epoxy flooring contractors can help you achieve the aesthetic, functionality, and finish of your choice. Check out the options here to choose a look that fits your style.

#4- Epoxy Flooring is Safe

Adding chemical resistance, moisture control, corrosion resistance, and slip and fall resistance is easy when you work with an experienced epoxy flooring company for your projects. We can tailor epoxy flooring to meet your usage needs. Our high-quality epoxy flooring is ideal for areas with high traffic, oil spills, or moisture. These properties are beneficial in preventing accidents in workplaces and homes.

Fact Or Fiction? Let’s Find Out.

Commercial epoxy flooring

Fiction #1: All Epoxy Flooring Was Created the Same

Fact: All epoxy coatings aren’t created equally. You’ll get high-quality materials and workmanship when you hire epoxy flooring contractors from Steel Coated Epoxy Floor. All our epoxy floors offer characteristics such as UV stability, hardness, superior adhesion, and moisture and chemical resistance. The cost, durability, and quality of our epoxy flooring always match the purpose.

Fiction #2: Epoxy Coating is Just a ‘Fancy’ Name for Paint

Fact: Generally speaking, epoxy qualifies as paint, considering that paint is defined as ‘a colored substance that spreads over surfaces and leaves a thin protective or decorative coating.’ However, the ‘fancy’ epoxy coating provides benefits that go way beyond regular paint.

Also, while epoxy can be classified as paint, not all paint is epoxy. It’s rather a very adhesive, tough, resistant material used to make glues and protective coatings. So if you’re planning to save money by coating with paint, think again.

You might manage to get a similar look, but when applied, the functionality will be significantly different. This is primarily because the paint dries, whereas epoxy cures, allowing the creation of a much more durable and harder surface.

Similarly, paint cannot protect the floor from chemicals, abrasions, oil, bacteria, grease, and spills as epoxy does. Paint also doesn’t live up to epoxy’s ability to bond the substrate, so making the costly mistake of applying paint instead of epoxy isn’t recommended.

Fiction #3: A Quick Clean and Sweep of the Floor and It’s Ready to Be Coated

Fact: If your goal is to make the flooring bond and seal so that it’s properly coated, a simple cleaning session won’t be enough. Chances are, the floor needs resurfacing or blasting to remove all imperfections and debris.

Any pits, cracks, or uneven surfaces will need to be repaired during the prep work if you want a flawless and long-lasting result. While the world is all about DIYs, hiring professional epoxy coating services is the best way to get the most out of your investment.

Lustrous epoxy flooring inside a home

Fiction #4: Epoxy Flooring is Slippery

Fact: Since they look luxurious and reflective, many people think that epoxy floor coating makes floors slippery. That’s not true, especially since skilled epoxy flooring contractors can add slip-resistant additives to make it safer than many other types of flooring.

Fiction #5: Epoxy Floors are Only Suitable for Industrial or Commercial Use

Fact: This myth needs to be debunked right away! We’ve worked on numerous residential projects to help homeowners get epoxy flooring that not only adds beauty to their homes but also boosts its market value.

They’re perfect for playrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and high-traffic areas. Even if you spill something on the epoxy flooring, it will not stain or get damaged. Plus, cleaning and maintaining epoxy is a breeze!

We’ve got various varieties of designs and colors to match your home’s style. So while it makes sense to use them in industrial facilities and warehouses, they’re also a fantastic choice for cement patios, basement floors, walkways, garages, and even kitchen countertops. This is because they can withstand high heat, harsh chemicals, and heavy loads effectively.

Fiction #6: Epoxy Floors are Easy to Install

Fact: Installing epoxy floors is something that’s best left to professionals. It’s certainly possible to install them yourself, but bubbles, scratches, debris, and uneven coating can be unsightly and disruptive. You could also end up with discolored surfaces or unevenly set flakes.

Professional epoxy flooring contractors at Steel Coated Epoxy Floor possess the expertise and experience to meticulously prepare and prime the surface to ensure proper installation of the coating. They know that each floor is different and comes with its own set of challenges.

Work by epoxy flooring contractors at Steel-Coated Epoxy Floor

Our crew works with professional-grade tools and materials that are of a much higher quality than most DIY kits available at your local store. We offer eco-friendly epoxy floor coating solutions for residential and industrial applications in Prescott, Las Vegas, Layton, and Draper.

You can explore our epoxy flooring gallery for more inspiration. Alternatively, you can connect with us to create a customized design for your floors. Request a free quote today to get the floor of your dreams.