8 Epoxy Floor Ideas to Keep Them Looking Like New

A Steel-Coated Epoxy Floor in a Garage in Draper

Steel-coated epoxy flooring is a common choice for industrial-grade floors, but it is quickly gaining popularity among homeowners due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and variety of choices.

Epoxy flooring, or resinous flooring, is a combination of resin and hardener. Epoxy is applied to concrete, wood, tile, and another industrial and commercial flooring. The chemical reaction makes a rigid plastic and forms a connection with the substance underneath it.

One of the biggest advantages of steel-coated epoxy flooring is that it heals rapidly, which helps contractors speed up the finishing process without disrupting other construction or refurbishment processes.

Epoxy flooring has become a primary choice for residential and commercial buildings because of its simplicity of installation and strength. Epoxy flooring is ideal for floors that must tolerate high temperatures, foot and machine traffic, chemicals, oil, and other fluids without peeling or rusting over time. It is easy to clean, resistant to stains and water, easy to maintain, and highly environmentally friendly.

Epoxy flooring is highly durable. Taking a few precautionary measures greatly affects its product life and keeps it looking new. This blog will walk you through the process of keeping your epoxy floor looking new.

How to Maintain Your Epoxy Floor to Keep Them in Pristine Condition

Some regular maintenance, deep cleaning, and minor precautions can multiply your epoxy floor’s life. Here are ten brilliant ideas to keep your epoxy floor in mint condition:

1. Always Seek Expert Epoxy Flooring Services

The first step in maintaining your epoxy floor is to ensure your epoxy floor is coated perfectly. Although epoxy flooring can be a super-easy DIY project, it’s best not to risk ruining your floor. Steel Coated Epoxy Floor has over 30 years of excellence in creating masterpieces in commercial and residential projects.

We are one of the most credible floor coating services in Las Vegas, with professional experts and a lifetime warranty. Request a quote today for our premium-quality epoxy floor coating services in 14 states, including Las Vegas, Draper, Prescott, and Layton.

Epoxy Floor in a House in Draper

2. Enhance the Look with Protective Covering

Protective coating over the epoxy floor adds a layer of security to your floor for longevity and durability, particularly in areas of heavy traffic and rough use, like a garage or basement.

Protective covering not only makes your floor more durable it is also relatively easier to maintain. Furthermore, protective coatings are far less expensive and easy to replace as needed.

3. Place Door Mats at Entrance Points

Door mats enhance the life of your epoxy floor by keeping dirt and debris outside. To keep your epoxy floor new, place mats at each entry and exit point and ensure everyone wipes dust, mud, or snow off their shoes before entering the building.

They will also catch small sharp things like stones or nails that may become lodged in the soles of your shoes and can seriously damage your garage’s epoxy finish. Keep longer carpets to absorb dampness and dirt during seasons with more humidity and moisture.

Place a Door Mat at the Entrance and Exit Points to Avoid Damage to Epoxy Floor

4. Use Absorbent Oil Mats in Garage

A garage is a place with a lot of oil spills. If you enjoy fiddling with your automobile, you know the value of oil absorption mats. Oil mats provide a solid hold on the floor and prevent oil from contacting the epoxy floor, ensuring a spotless pristine look of your epoxy floor with no oil spills or grease markings.

5. Use Clear Cover Epoxy Protector

Steel-coated epoxy floor with glittering shine looks stunningly beautiful, and to protect it from any permanent dirt or tire lines underneath your car. It’s best to use a clear cover epoxy protector so you can show off the intriguing beauty of your floor without harming its condition.

6. Routine Cleaning

It is not difficult to maintain an epoxy floor, but you must do it regularly. Follow these guidelines for routine cleaning of your steel-coated epoxy floor.

Vacuum, Don’t Sweep: Sweeping transports dust and grime from one location on the floor to another. It does not remove dust and grime from the floor. It’s better to vacuum up all the dust and grim than to sweep it.

 A Person Vacuum Cleaning a Steel-Coated Epoxy Floor in Draper

Remove Stains Immediately: Although epoxy floors do not stain readily, spills should never be left on the floor. Removing stains involves a quick swipe with a damp wipe or a mop. If the stain has lingered for some time, you may need a floor cleaner to clean it thoroughly. Try to avoid using citrus or soap-based cleansers.

Mop the floor Once a Week: Mop the epoxy floor once a week using a commercial dust mop or a soft bristle broom. This protects the floor from scratches and wipes away any dust.

Deep Clean Quarterly: You may require hiring a professional to deep clean the floors. Remove any tools, equipment, and vehicles from the room so the whole area can be cleaned thoroughly.

Oil Spills and Stain Marks: oil spills and stain marks are here to stay forever if you don’t get rid of them instantly. Remove the oil spill as quickly as possible with a degreaser to avoid permanent grease marks. 

Tire Marks: You can readily erase tire marks while the markings are still new and the buildup is minimal. If you wait too long, the tire imprints will become more and more persistent.

Coffee or Wine Spills: Use paper towels to absorb as much liquid as possible before cleaning the area with a wet mop.

Stay Away from Chemicals, Acids, and Harsh Soaps: Avoid using cleaners containing acids, such as vinegar and citrus cleansers, as they tarnish epoxy floor’s quality and shorten its life. Also, avoid using soap-based cleansers as they can make flooring slippery when wet, and the chemicals in them can damage the upper layer of epoxy.

7. Stay Away from Paints

Paints can permanently stain your epoxy floor and ruin its entire appeal. To remove the paint stain, mix five ounces of ammonia with a gallon of warm water and use a paint scraper or a bristle brush.

8. Do Not Weld or Grind Above Bare Epoxy Floor Coating

Welding and grinding can leave permanent marks on the epoxy floor, which are impossible to remove. If any hot iron particles drop on the epoxy floor, they can leave burns on it. This can damage the floor, and its lifespan starts deteriorating.

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