Seven Things to Consider Before Applying an Epoxy Floor Coating

Over time, concrete floors tend to reveal a lot more than they should. To preserve their floors’ aesthetics, functionality, and durability, many homeowners and businesses choose protective epoxy floor coatings.

Versatility, longevity, ease of maintenance, resistance to chemicals, moisture, and scratches, and glossy finish are many reasons that back the increasing popularity of epoxy floor coatings. If you’re considering getting epoxy floor coating for your warehouse, workshop, or garage, here are a few things to know ahead of time to reap maximum benefits from your bespoke flooring.

#1- The Purpose Behind Your Choice of Coating the Floors with Epoxy

Epoxy floor coating can be tailored to suit the needs of those who will use the space frequently. For instance, epoxy flooring in bathrooms and kitchens requires special chemical resistance and moisture control features to safeguard the flooring and structure of the building.

Automotive showrooms, on the contrary, may require durable options that can withstand the weight of larger vehicles but also provide a gleaming aesthetic. Therefore, it’s important to discuss your purpose with an experienced epoxy flooring contractor before proceeding with the project.

#2- Use of Color Coating to Redirect Visitors

While color-coated epoxy flooring helps create stunning visual appeals for residential floors, industrial epoxy floor coating can also be color-coated to designate specific purposes for every area on the work floor.

You can plan work zones to control traffic in the area, which will eventually help reduce workplace accidents, resulting in an improvement in your organization’s safety record.

Many people use color coatings to redirect customers or workers away from high-risk areas or guide them toward a certain pathway to make it easier to find the area they’re looking for.

Epoxy floor coating by Steel-Coated Epoxy Floor

#3- The Condition of Current Flooring

Many factors affect the final outcome of your epoxy floor coatings, such as cracks or divots in the floor, liquid or moisture penetration, aggregation, and height differences in the floor, among many other things.

You also need to prepare the floor before the permanent adhesion of the coating. To prevent delamination and ensure the highest quality outcome, sanding, blasting, and short-blasting may be required, depending on the floor.

Experts recommend filling areas with exposed aggregate or cracks before applying the coating system. Proper preparation requires extra funds and time, but it will ensure better results and a longer coating life.

#4- Level of Reflectiveness

Epoxy coating illuminates sites, increasing visibility without requiring additional lighting fixtures. This highly reflective quality makes performing intricate jobs safer and easier for workers. It also helps homeowners and business owners save money on electric overhead costs by reducing dependence on electric lights.

 flaked epoxy flooring by Steel-Coated Epoxy Floor

#5- Down-Time You Can Afford

The more time you can afford to shut down your space, the more options you’ll have at your disposal. This might not affect homeowners so much, but business owners must consider the curing time before starting the project.

You can connect with our epoxy flooring contractors to find out about curing times and other concerns so that you can plan the installation accordingly. Following strict guidelines is important to get flawless results.

#6- Glossy Designer Finish or Performance Floor? Or Both?

Epoxy floor coatings come with numerous finishings that rarely require compromises on performance to achieve a sophisticated and stylish look. Whether you prefer mono-colored, low maintenance, easy-to-clean performance floor or just want your showroom or garage to shine bright and impress anyone who enters the space; you have innumerable choices at your fingertips.

You can also choose from a variety of flake options when you partner with us for your epoxy floor coating project. Check out our bespoke flooring options for commercial floor coatings, industrial floor coatings, and residential epoxy floorings.

High-gloss, mirror-like, reflecting flooring requires more maintenance to retain the designer finish, but it looks impeccable. They can be a little slippery, so measures must be taken accordingly to prevent undesired situations.

However, they’re great for upmarket boutiques, hotels, showrooms, and other spaces. If you’re looking for relatively low-maintenance options, satin or matte finishes will help you achieve the goal while retaining their original beauty for a fraction of the cost and time in maintenance.

Shiny epoxy floor coating in an art gallery

#7- Features You Want to Add to the Epoxy Floor Coating

Drainage, puddles, chemical resistance, moisture control, corrosion resistance, and slip and fall resistance all of these things are important to think about when preparing to resurface your floor. Whether you’re facing an issue or just want to enhance the area’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, be sure to discuss your expectations with your epoxy flooring contractor.

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider is partnering with the right epoxy flooring company to do the job. Professional epoxy flooring contractors at Steel Coated Epoxy Floor, a floor coating service in Las Vegas, can guide you about coating selection, flake choice, surface preparation, and proper installation.

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