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Your garage, warehouse, shop, or hangar floors can incur significant damage in their lifetime. It can be challenging to replace these floors because the process is costly and time-consuming. In addition, you don’t want your mancave or home gym to be out of commission during ongoing repairs and maintenance. Hence, it’s better to adopt a proactive approach to protecting your floors.

Whether it’s a garage or shop floor, regular pedestrian or vehicular use can cause significant damage to your floors. Most people think concrete floors are the perfect option for garage and warehouse floors, but the reality is that hot tire marks from cars and forklifts can often be found on such surfaces.

As a result, most people invest in industrial epoxy floor coating to give their floors durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent way to protect your garage, warehouse, shop, or hangar floor from tire marks because epoxy’s durability is unmatched.

Protecting your floors is crucial because damaged floors can significantly reduce your property’s value. Damaged floors can also affect the impression your home, shop, or warehouse leaves on your clients or potential customers.

Our steel-coated epoxy floors are resistant to wear and tear. As a result, they’re less susceptible to cracks. You also don’t need to worry about oil or chemical spills staining your floor because you can easily wipe them off with a mop.

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In addition to their durability, our floor coating service makes your floors corrosion-resistant. Our coating will protect your floor from chemicals damaging it.

Our epoxy floors are also resistant to moisture and oils, meaning you can easily clean them without significant mechanical work. You only need a mop to clean marks, dirt, and spills off our steel-coated epoxy floors.

Winter is the perfect time for coating your garage, warehouse, hangar, or shop floors because the weather in Tampa, Florida, offers the best opportunity to transform your garage without worrying about humidity, moisture, and heat.

If you’re looking for a steel flooring contractor in Tampa, Florida, you cannot go wrong with Steel Coated Floors. We bring over thirty years of experience to the table, having completed over 6,500 jobs in our storied history. We’ve established ourselves as a leading flooring company with our proven track record and success. Although we’re headquartered in Florida, we serve over 12 states, providing exceptional industrial-grade steel-coated epoxy flooring solutions in each state.

We’re also the ideal steel flooring contractor because we provide a lifetime warranty on every new floor. Therefore, if you ever encounter a problem with your coating, you can call our experts, and we’ll immediately fix the problem. Our floors are also 100 percent waterproof.

Contact Steel Coated Floors today if you’re looking for floor coating solutions in Tampa, Florida.

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