Commercial Garage Safety Solutions: Make it a Safe Place for Everyone

Commercial garage flooring

Like any other industrial facility, garages are known to have reported several accidents due to inadequate or lack of safety measures. These accidents can be avoided by paying close attention to their causes.

Staff in a commercial garage has to deal with heavy equipment, sharp tools, and hazardous chemicals. So ensure you implement effective safety strategies to minimize the risk of injuries. Accidents frequently occurring in your commercial garage may cost you not only your money but also your reputation in the auto industry.

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Here’s a comprehensive guide by epoxy flooring contractors on making your commercial garage a safe zone for your workers and customers.

Common Commercial Garage Injuries


This is one of the most common garage injuries caused by sharp tools and equipment used daily while repairing cars. Most workers also get their fingers caught in the garage doors while they open and close. This may lead to serious injuries and even amputations.

Head Injuries

When reaching for tools chucked onto higher shelves, your workers may get injured because of items falling over their heads or on their faces. Even if you place some tools that are rarely used on higher spots, pack them properly in bags instead of shoving them in an unorganized way.


Workers lying under the vehicles to make the necessary repairs may experience claustrophobia. So make sure they frequently hydrate themselves and take short breaks from work. Moreover, if the garage door fails, they may even get stuck inside for several hours. Have garage door springs checked regularly to prevent panic among your workers.

Eye Injuries

Around 2,000 workers in the country sustain work-related eye injuries every day. Garage workers are commonly at risk of this injury because they work under hoods and cars, where there’s a higher risk of chemicals and debris falling into their eyes. They must wear safety goggles to prevent these injuries.

Falls, Slips, and Trips

Several day-to-day operations in a commercial garage involve using greasy and slippery liquids that often spill on the floor. This results in a slipper surface that increases the likelihood of accidents. Make sure your employees wear anti-skid, closed-toed shoes. You can also consider investing in a viable flooring option that offers anti-slip properties, such as epoxy floor coating.

Store Tools in the Right Place

Tools lying around a garage are among the most common causes of injuries, so make sure your facility is equipped with the right tool storage sections. You can consider having wall panels installed to keep the tool inventory in order, but avoid placing them on a higher spot where your workers may struggle to reach them.

In addition to having a back injury, tools placed on a higher shelf may lead to a back injury over time and cause tools to fall on the workers.

Commercial garages usually have mobile storage that makes it easier to transport equipment and tools safely.

Cable Protectors

Assess the most dangerous spaces within your commercial garage, especially those with several power chords. Electrical cables spread across the floor often trip people or incur damages due to heavy equipment.

You can prevent this from happening by tying up all your chords and cables in one place. Buy a cable protector for a safe surface for the staff to step on.

Install Guard Rails

You can ensure the safety of your staff and equipment by installing guard rails in your commercial garage. Take care of the posts, beams, or any supporting columns inside the workspace. Any vehicle could hit expensive equipment or cause injuries by entering a space where access is prohibited. Installing guard rails will ensure all your protective equipment and staff is safe.

Guard rails colliding with supporting columns will likely weaken the garage’s structural integrity and may even bring down the ceiling on top of the workers. Do your research on what your facility needs before making the purchase.

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Get Your Garage Doors Checked

Ensure your garage door openers are properly working and have them checked once every month by a professional to avoid accidents. The components of the garage door that should be checked include pulleys, rollers, springs, and cables. To prepare for emergencies, the staff should know where the emergency release feature is present on the door.

Train your workers on how to safely operate a garage door. Put up warning signs near the door telling that no one should run or walk around the door while it’s closing or opening.

Choose the Right Flooring Option

Choosing the right flooring option will make your commercial garage a safe space for everyone. Make sure the type of flooring you choose offers resistance from harmful chemicals and oily substances to prevent falls.

Epoxy floor coating is one of the most commonly installed flooring solutions in commercial garages. In addition to providing anti-slip properties, it features an impermeable surface that can’t absorb any liquids. The flooring is also easy to clean and gives any commercial facility an aesthetic shine.

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Partner with Flooring Contractors at Steel Coated Epoxy Floors for an Impeccable Installation

If not installed properly, epoxy floor coating can cause accidents in your commercial garage facility. So ensure you partner with our experienced flooring contractors that have the right expertise for the job. Our professional flooring contractors at Steel Coated Epoxy Floors have complete information about the installation procedure and its steps. They’re trained to use cutting-edge equipment to complete the task successfully the first time.

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