Choosing Aircraft Hangar Flooring – Everything You Need to Know

Aircraft hangar floor

Aircraft hangar flooring is especially designed to enhance the resistance from abrasion and impact of heavy aircraft. It also offers anti-slip properties to ensure the safety of workers.

Choosing the right floor for an aircraft hangar is often challenging. When looking at different types of flooring options, make sure it gives a professional look while offering durability. There’s more to aircraft hangar flooring than just functionality and safety — it also helps improve the facility’s aesthetics.

This guide by our flooring contractors will discuss important considerations when choosing the right flooring option for the facility.

The Role Aircraft Hangar Flooring Plays

Aircraft hangar floors safely accommodate the aircraft fleet while enhancing the look of the space. Safety is also important when it comes to aircraft maintenance operations. The flooring in this facility must offer the following.

Resistance from Abrasion and Impact

Regular maintenance and aircraft repair operations require flooring that can bear the load of heavy wear and tear and impact abuse. Equipment, heavy aircraft parts, jacks, and engines scraping across the floor can rip off the concrete surface.

Moreover, the impact from dropped tools, sharp objects, or falling engine parts coming directly into contact with the flooring can adversely damage bare concrete. So ensure the aircraft hangar flooring provides three to four times greater resistance from abrasion and impact.

Resistance from Chemical Attack

Aircraft maintenance requires using specialized chemicals, fuels, and oils that can damage bare concrete. As a result, these liquids penetrate concrete slabs. However, this can be prevented with chemical-resistant flooring. Epoxy floor coating, for example, can withstand casual spills, splashes, and even continuous immersion of aviation-related, harsh chemicals.

Adequate Light Reflectance for Better Visibility

Aircraft hangar maintenance workers need adequate light to carry out their operations efficiently. Well-lit hangars allow them to make the required repairs without any hassle and reduce the need for additional ceiling lighting fixtures.

Aircraft hangar floor

Important Considerations When Choosing Aircraft Hangar Flooring

Ease of Cleanliness

Aircraft hangars have a large covered area ranging from a thousand square meters, so the flooring must be designed to be easy to clean and requires less time, labor, and expenses. This helps make the cleaning job much easier and more manageable.


Aircraft aesthetics is significantly associated with the color and aesthetics of the floor. Though the facility is a workspace, its technical zones must look visually pleasing. Most common colors used in aircraft hangar flooring are brighter shades of grey, but other color themes also work.

When it comes to practicality, any color can be used for marking communication pathways and even non-working areas. Colors representing airport and airline brands can also be used to create the hangar’s brand image.

Since aircraft hangars are frequently visited by VIP delegations such as investors, military or government officials, and guests of higher ranks, the facility must be designed to create a great impression.


Though the color of the hangar flooring may seem an insignificant factor to consider, it’s always worth paying close attention to. That’s because a bright, glossy surface, for example, will reflect more light within the facility. This will allow maintenance workers and mechanics to work complete projects more comfortably.

Aircraft hangar floor

Aircraft Hangar Floor Maintenance Tips

Since an aircraft hangar is a big investment, make the most of it by focusing on regular maintenance and proper cleaning regimes. Invest in adequate cleaning products for high-standard maintenance.

The most important part of the aircraft hangar that requires maintenance for improved aesthetic appeal is its flooring. Once you invest in quality flooring, prioritize ways to keep it clean.

Consider Choosing Epoxy Floor Coating for Aircraft Hangar

Epoxy floor coating is one of the most reliable flooring options you can choose for your aircraft hangar. The major reason you should install this type of flooring is improved resistance from harsh chemicals, oil spills, corrosion, and impact. To make the aircraft hangar surface more durable, more layers of epoxy can be added.

Epoxy floor coating provides a clear, glossy surface, making the aircraft fleet stand out in the facility. In addition to improving the aesthetics, epoxy flooring also offers an anti-slip surface to prevent accidents within the facility.

Since epoxy floors are impermeable, they prevent penetration of spilled chemicals, oil, and grease. This means epoxy flooring is much easier to clean and maintain. Make sure you hire an experienced team of epoxy flooring contractors to get the installation job done right the first time.

Epoxy floor

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