Ways to Maintain Your Showroom Floor to Attract Customers

Car in a showroom

If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge within the car dealership market, pay close attention to maintenance. With more than 18,000 car dealerships around the country, many encounter tough competition when it comes to attracting customers and improving sales.

Since consumer behavior is swiftly changing because of the recent infrastructural improvements, there are increasing concerns about how popular a car dealership is. The showroom floor is the first thing a customer notices, so we recommend that you focus on its maintenance. To make this task easy and hassle-free, follow this guide by our epoxy floor contractors on showroom floor maintenance.

Importance of Showroom Floor Maintenance

A car showroom relies on leaving a great first impression because when customers enter your facility, they expect to see sparkling cars neatly lined up in rows on a spotless floor. Factors that may seem insignificant to showroom owners often carry great importance and could turn away many customers.

On the other hand, a shiny showroom floor will instill confidence among your customers, assuring them that they’re at the right place to make a big purchase. At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we understand the importance of installing high-end flooring in a car dealership. We can provide you with various epoxy floors at affordable prices to help you keep your showroom looking great.

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance – A Brief Overview

Cleaning a floor that covers a large area, in your car showroom facility, for example, can be a tedious task. However, if you use the right cleaning supplies and products, this job can be made a lot easier.

Most commercial facility owners believe that their flooring only needs cleaning when dirt starts becoming visible. In reality, showroom floors need extra care and attention because of how quickly they get dirty.

Dirt, dust, and grime buildup on your showroom floor can ruin the look of your facility. Moreover, spills and stains left on the floor for a long period also contribute to this issue and require extra cleaning effort.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will also save your property from structural damage. Remember that the amount of money spent on floor cleaning is much less than having damaged flooring replaced.

Car in a showroom

Develop a Cleanliness Culture

Workers in a showroom are likely to be so focused on their responsibilities that they fail to pay much attention to the flooring and how dirty it is. Some may also develop sloppy habits that contribute to the dirt accumulating on the floor.

However, cleaning should be a part of every employee’s job. Even though they’re not assigned sweeping tasks, they must develop a cleanliness culture within the facility. Place multiple trash cans and easy cleaning supplies for everyone to use in the showroom. Positive peer pressure will help you reach your cleanliness goals.

Use Proper Cleaning Products and Equipment

Provide your workers with proper cleaning materials to make showroom maintenance much easier. The type of products you use depends on the flooring installed. For example, heavy-duty commercial cleaning products are most suitable for natural stone, concrete, and wood flooring.

For showroom epoxy floors, however, you must never use soap-based cleaners as they can reduce the shine of the surface. You can make a pH-neutral cleaner for this type of epoxy floor coating that can also be used for other flooring options.

You can also consider investing in a scrubber/dryer machine as it reduces the cleaning duration by drying up the floor quickly, making it safer to walk on. Commercial vacuum cleaners are also a great investment.

Cars parked in a showroom

Put Floor Mats at the Entrance

Floor mats serve as the showroom’s first line of defense against dirt. Placing them at the entrance will encourage everyone to wipe their feet before entering. This will lower the chances of spreading dirt and dust in other parts of the building. These entrance mats must be thoroughly cleaned regularly so that they don’t become an eyesore.

Professional Cleaning Service

To ensure your showroom floors are always glistening, you don’t need to clean them yourself. It’s better to hire professional service providers that will deal with the cleaning aspect while you can run the business and focus on expanding your customer base.

You can find several cleaning services for the job. You can either opt for a sweeper or a bigger cleaning team if you have a larger covered area. While looking for a crew, do your research on companies with significant knowledge and experience in the field.

Once you hire the right team, pick the most favorable cleaning hours and ensure the time doesn’t clash with client visits.

Car in a showroom

Choose Showroom Epoxy Flooring

In addition to improving the aesthetics of your showroom, epoxy floor coating adds functionality to the space. The coating is much more difficult to scratch and offers resistance to heat, heavy objects, and vehicles, as well as other harsh chemicals.

To make the most of your epoxy floor coating, ensure it’s properly installed. Consider hiring Steel Coated Epoxy Floors’ experienced contractors for the job, as they’re equipped with high-end equipment and tools.

Whether you need an epoxy coating for your patio, garage, shop, or basement, we can help you improve the aesthetics and value of the floor. Choosing our epoxy flooring for your commercial facility will attract more customers and help expand your customer base.

We’re a flooring service in Las Vegas that also offers residential and commercial coatings and specializes in several floor coating options. In addition, we deal in garage floor coating, steel-coated floors, epoxy floor coatings, and industrial epoxy floor coating.

Get in touch with us today to request a quote and transform your old showroom floor into something that will last for several years to come.