Reasons Why You Need To Get An Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Automotive Factory

Automotive factory

Flooring solutions in an automotive factory range from abrasion- and impact-resistant surfaces commonly used in body-in-line production areas to a press shop. These floors are electrically conductive and highly chemical resistant floors designed for car paint departments. All kinds of automotive factories must get high-quality flooring systems for smooth operational activity in logistics and assembly lines.

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors deals in a wide variety of epoxy flooring systems that can be installed in car service areas, showrooms, and manufacturing factories. This guide will discuss the benefits of epoxy floor coating for your automotive factory.

Industrial Flooring Requirements in an Automotive Factory

The mechanical resistance in an automotive factory depends on the contact area, types of tires, loading activities, and frequency of exposure to impact. Resistance to impact is associated with every operation’s specific conditions, so close attention must be paid to high-point loading areas.

Flooring design is typically influenced by maintenance regimes, various kinds of exposure, and the right specification. Moreover, the rapid curing property is essential to ensure minimum disruption in the production process.

Antistatic properties and electrical conductivity help prevent electrical interference when it comes to using sensitive equipment. It also inhibits static electricity buildup as it can generate sparks, leading to a risk of explosion or fire. Structural requirements like dynamic and structural loadings during or after the manufacturing process should also be considered. According to expert flooring contractors, a floor topping must withstand all these forces while requiring simple maintenance.

Maintaining hygiene in all areas of an automotive factory is a major concern, so the flooring solution installed should have a convenient cleaning regime. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, flooring in an automotive factory must have anti-slip properties to prevent major accidents and costly damages.

Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy Floor Coating for Automotive Industry

Epoxy floor coating offers several advantages over other flooring options. Besides providing durable, long-lasting, and safe coverage, it features a non-slip waterproof coating. That’s why it is commonly used in car parks, other public areas, and throughout all industries.

These characteristics also make it an ideal option for industrial and manufacturing automotive plants as well as catering facilities. Though epoxy floor coating installation can be a strenuous task, factory owners must hire professional industry epoxy floor contractors that can accurately carry out this task.

Epoxy Flooring for the Auto Repair Area

Auto repair shops in the automotive industry require epoxy floor coating because of its durability and minimum chances of slipping. Since heavy equipment and machinery are used in auto repair shops for day-to-day operations, the flooring should be designed to withstand the load. If properly maintained, epoxy flooring in an auto repair shop will last for a long time.

This type of floor coating also improves a space’s aesthetics, changing the shop’s outlook. Since epoxy flooring features a seamless surface, it doesn’t require hours of cleaning and scrubbing to remove stubborn stains.

Epoxy floor coating

Showroom Epoxy Floor Coating

Showrooms are designed to create a great first impression on the customers. If you own a car dealership reflecting a sense of sophistication and style to complement the line of your luxury, exotic vehicles epoxy showroom flooring is a premier choice. Showrooms feature a highly visual environment to showcase the product line and influence a buyer’s purchasing decision.

Showrooms often feature epoxy floor coating that brightens the space while maintaining professionalism. With an expansive range of colors and the choice of a glossy finish, this type of flooring gives any showroom character and distinction.

Moreover, the anti-slip surface can handle constant foot traffic and the movement of heavy vehicles without causing any damage. Since epoxy floor coating offers resistance against water, heat, chemical spills, and stains, it’s considered one of the toughest flooring solutions on the market. It outperforms ceramic tile, rubber, vinyl, and linoleum flooring.

Showrooms offer customers decorative effects as soon as they enter the facility. Epoxy floor coating can be found in granite-like patterns, colored-quartz matrix, and solid colors.

Compatibility of Epoxy Flooring With Vehicles

Garage floor epoxy coating fits your vehicles’ needs while ensuring their tires remain in pristine condition on a uniform surface. A concrete surface is likely to add more wear and tear to the tires, but epoxy smoothness will prevent any reaction from the tires. This setting causes less deterioration, making automotive issues infrequent.

Moreover, epoxy flooring offers a viable surface for parking vehicles for a long period. A car’s weight is better supported on a concrete floor enhanced with an epoxy coating, providing an intensified tensile strength. A concrete surface alone will quickly corrode over time due to the weight of the vehicles and require frequent, costly restorative services.

Hire Professional Flooring Contractors

Installation of epoxy floor coating for your automotive factory can go wrong if attempted without comprehensive information about the material or appropriate equipment. Though many automotive factory owners are tempted to perform the installation without professional assistance, we recommend not doing so. That’s because an improper installation will lead to frequent damages and you may end up having to get your entire floor replaced.

Epoxy floor coating

Experienced Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Las Vegas and Nearby Areas

More types of epoxy floor coatings are being introduced in the automotive industry for improved operational efficiency. However, to achieve an even and durable floor, you need qualified professionals for a quality installation. At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we offer exclusive epoxy and steel flooring coatings at affordable rates. We also deal in epoxy floor coating made from hardener and resin, making any space look incredible while ensuring the floor stays in good condition for years.

Moreover, we specialize in residential and commercial epoxy floor coating in Layton, Las Vegas, Draper, and Prescott. Spaces that we commonly add flooring include shops, garages, patios, basements, and warehouses. We can get you the floor you want in multiple shades and flake options.

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