7 Unique Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coating

You can find plenty of options when choosing an epoxy floor coating for your home or business facility. Though most options are suitable for various spaces, each type offers unique benefits. This guide by our professional flooring contractors at Steel Coated Epoxy Floors will walk you through different types of epoxy floor coatings to help you make an informed decision.

Reasons to Install Epoxy Flooring

The biggest source of concern for property owners regarding epoxy floor coating is reasons to opt for epoxy floor coating. As a leading industrial epoxy flooring company in Las Vegas, we have comprehensive information about this type of flooring and why it’s a suitable option for all kinds of spaces and settings.

Epoxy is a natural sealant that creates an indestructible surface when cured, preventing contaminants such as chemicals and oils from penetrating your property’s foundation. Besides aesthetics, durability is the biggest perk offered by the epoxy floor coating.

The requirements of a property may vary depending on day-to-day activities and preference for functionality and aesthetics. Most property owners will choose an epoxy floor as it looks better than a concrete floor which is prone to cracks and looks dull. Moreover, an epoxy floor is resistant to cracking even after an impact from heavy machinery and equipment in a commercial setting. So epoxy floor coating will stand the test of time, making it worth all the money you spend upfront.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coating

Once you understand the reasons to consider epoxy floor coating, let’s delve into its types and the areas it will thrive.

Vinyl Flake Epoxy

Flake flooring is considered the most demanding flooring option when it comes to industrial, garage, or showroom epoxy flooring. If you want to improve the durability and traction of your garage floor, we recommend you opt for epoxy floor coating. We also incorporate vinyl flakes into a tinted poly-aspartic base coat which is specially prepared to create this unique finish.

The floor is then sealed with high-solid, clear poly-aspartic to achieve a spectacular gloss finish. This floor offers all the benefits of epoxy flooring, such as a non-slip surface. We also install vinyl flake epoxy floors for residential garages.

Epoxy floor coating

Steel Coated Epoxy Flooring

This type of epoxy floor coating provides your commercial or residential space with an elegant finish. It is used to cover any concrete surface as it is 100% solid epoxy, engineered with a metallic additive such as steel to give a dynamic color-changing effect. Garage or showroom owners looking for an exceptional flooring finish will opt for this captivating effect, as steel-coated epoxy flooring helps transform any surface dramatically.

You can find various types of metallic epoxy floors that serve as suitable options for residential settings such as basements, kitchens, and patios. Moreover, our industrial epoxy floor coating company in Layton comprises qualified flooring contractors that are trained to install metallic epoxy floors in commercial settings such as schools, fire stations, garages, and hangars.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is an ideal way to improve the longevity and resilience of your area while maintaining the feel and look of an industrial space. Concrete polishing helps create a sealed, smooth surface that eliminates airborne silica dust. It also offers resistance to staining of all kinds.

Most of our customers prefer adding polished concrete flooring to their garages, patios, and kitchens featuring a poly-aspartic sealant to ensure additional protection. It’s best to partner with our industrial epoxy floor contractors to learn about polished concrete.

Concrete Seal

The freezing and thawing cycle often ruins a decorative concrete finish more quickly. Freezing temperatures during the night and warmer temperatures throughout the day lead to substantial concrete expansion, which leads to spalling, scaling, and pop-outs. Pavix penetrating sealer is applied to the concrete surface to strengthen it and protect it from moisture. This also ensures that the finish lasts for years.

Our garage epoxy flooring contractors recommend you add a concrete seal to outdoor spaces like residential and commercial garages, pools, backyard fire-pits, patios, and walkways.

Poly-Aspartic Flooring

This type of epoxy floor coating has become quite popular in commercial spaces and residential areas like basements and garages. If you want a lasting and durable floor, poly-aspartic flooring is an ideal option. Poly-aspartic epoxy floor coating is more durable and easy to cure, making it a premium solution for flooring needs.

Epoxy floor coating

Urethane Cement

Urethane cement is also known as a bulletproof system which is commonly a trusted option for warehouses, commercial kitchens, and breweries. It’s a high-build system offering the highest hydrostatic pressure tolerance and highest vapor transmission. It can be installed over plywood, tile, and concrete.

Secondary Containment

If your facility requires using potentially damaging substances, you’ll need secondary containment systems. An industrial epoxy flooring solution will help meet the compliance criteria. This type of coating is specifically designed to be chemically compatible and hold the release of liquids until they’re cleaned.

Top Epoxy Flooring Contractor Draper in Steel Coated Floors

Epoxy floor coating

Steel Coated Floors is a reputable epoxy flooring company in Las Vegas. Whether you own a shop, garage, patio, or basement, we can help improve its value and aesthetics with our floor coating services. Flooring is the first thing that will create an impression on your customers and guests in a commercial facility or home. We offer both residential and commercial coating at competitive rates.

Get in touch with us today for quality steel epoxy flooring to create a great first impression. We’ll also help you maintain cleanliness and protect your concrete surface with our flooring solution. We also specialize in flake options for epoxy floor coating.

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