Common Reasons To Get Epoxy Floor Coatings In Your House In Utah

Epoxy basement flooring

Epoxy floor coating offers several benefits and is known as the finest quality resin in the industry. Moreover, it ensures very low shrinkage while offering great warmth obstruction.

Epoxy floor coating is commonly used to preserve concrete surfaces and protect them against harsh impacts while giving a glossy finish. This guide will discuss more reasons to choose an epoxy floor coating for your home.

Epoxy Floor Coating – A Brief Overview

Concrete epoxy floor coating contains polyamine hardener, epoxide resin, and other additives. Once you mix it, a chemical reaction forms, giving a floor distinct qualities. An important quality produced by this chemical reaction is endurance and new stability on the surface. The surface that the epoxy is applied to is sealed and cured because of this process, forming a strong bond.

Epoxy-coated flooring is an ideal alternative for fixes as it can cling to a diverse variety of materials. It’s not only suitable for warehouses and garages—it’s a great solution for your entire home. In addition to being easy to clean, epoxy flooring is ultra-hygienic, slip-resistant, safe, and customizable to match your personal taste.

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Reasons to Choose Epoxy Floor Coating

Covers Defects and Gives a Sleek Look

One of the most common reasons to choose epoxy floor coating is to transform your space and achieve an elegant look. Any decorative lighting you have in your home will be enhanced because of the shiny surface. With light reflecting off the epoxy, your home’s interior will get a new dimension, making it look more spacious than before.

Epoxy floor coating also covers the defects on your floor that may have gotten worse over time. Epoxy offers a variety of color options and several designs to take your home’s appearance up a notch. Imperfections on your flooring can be hidden more thoroughly when you choose it to cover with epoxy.

To achieve a speckled look and better traction, decorative chips of quartz or mica are also often added to the mixture. This style adds extra pieces and an intensity to catch glimmer and light. You can also opt for metallic epoxy floor coating to increase the polished ambiance.

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An Affordable Option

Epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective option than current floor removal, purchasing new vinyl or tile, and installation costs. You don’t even need to remove your current flooring material, which will spare you a pricey and time-consuming process if you choose epoxy flooring. Save on additional installation charges and retain your existing floor while gaining a bright, smooth look.

If your concrete surface is not giving the benefits and look you want, epoxy is a low-cost solution for any space in your house. Though epoxy flooring installation requires some coats and a drying time in between, this still doesn’t cost you as much money and time that any other flooring would.

Make sure you hire a professional installation service provider so that the flooring stays intact for years. Allowing qualified experts for this process is the most cost-effective option in the long run. A professional flooring contractor will avoid poor application practices and take the necessary protective measures to get the job done right the first time.

Easy to Maintain

Low maintenance is another reason to choose epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floor coating requires simple upkeep because when it covers the concrete, fewer cement and dust particles are released. Unlike plain concrete flooring, the epoxy-coated floor is smooth and easy to sweep.

Moreover, epoxy floors remain unaffected by salt from roads in the winter. You can remove the buildup from the surface easily. You can either use a vacuum, broom, or mop to clean the floor. Even grime, dirt, germs, bacteria, and other contaminants don’t adhere to this type of surface, making it a sanitary and effective coating.


Fortify your garage, laundry room, or basement with epoxy coating, as it blocks the harmful elements encroaching on your high-traffic spaces. Epoxy is a hardy flooring method and offers resistance. Moreover, it can bear heavy shock, water, chemicals, and even heat. These features add to the material’s reputation, making it perfect for spaces such as garages where many corrosive chemicals are used.

Impacts such as wear and tear of vehicles and heavy items falling on the floor often cause damage. However, an epoxy floor coating remains unaffected regardless of heavy machinery or recreational gear being dropped. Crashes like these won’t chip the concrete epoxy floors.

Once the epoxy coating dries, it can also resist high levels of heat. The highest limit of heat that it can withstand is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, higher-grade epoxy can resist more heat. Moreover, chemicals left behind from cars won’t affect your epoxy garage floor coating. You can easily clean up all these chemicals without damaging the surface. The depth and density of the coating prevent chemicals of all kinds from seeping through and leaving any residue.

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