Transform Your Space With Epoxy Floor Coatings With These 7 Design Inspirations

A spacious hall with an epoxy floor design

Epoxy flooring makes your floor dazzling and unique. It can suit various textures, including gloss and matt. The biggest reason for the popularity of epoxy floors is that they transform the entire look of the premises without compromising on quality.

Epoxy floors are very trendy these days as they come in various designs and colors. Once the concrete floor is done, the contractor will mix up a few chemicals along with the resin. It will be applied to the floor, and the flooring will turn hard and shiny within a couple of days.

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors is the one-stop solution for all your flooring needs. We provide top-quality epoxy flooring options for domestic and industrial requirements. Owing to our exceptional service quality, our floor coating services are popular in various areas, including Draper, Layton, Prescott, and Las Vegas. We have many loyal customers from fourteen US states. Our experienced floor contractors ensure that you receive durable and strong flooring that lasts a lifetime. Let’s look at seven epoxy floor coating design inspirations that are trending these days.

A photoshoot with just chair concrete epoxy floor

1. Enhancing Reflector Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has become so popular that it’s no surprise that the industry is expected to reach a CAGR of 6.1% by 2028. One of the most popular designs these days is the enhancing reflector epoxy flooring. It adds a unique aesthetic look to your floors. Enhancing reflector epoxy flooring includes several layers of coating combined with metallic pigments for a seamless finish.

The best part about this flooring is that it is stain resistant and offers protection from harmful chemicals while simultaneously blocking out dangerous UV rays. The 3D metallic look gives the room a spacious look. Thus, they are highly used in shopping malls, restaurants, dining rooms, and offices.

You can take design inspiration from the enhancing reflector epoxy flooring as it comes in various options, including Metallic Copper, Gunmetal, Charcoal, Gold, and Brass.

Father and daughter playing on a shiny epoxy floor

2. Clear Epoxy Flooring To Add Natural Beauty

This type of epoxy floor design works for both commercial and residential spaces. Clear epoxy flooring can suit many different areas due to its classic design and durable features. Many people choose clear epoxy flooring because it’s easy to clean and maintain. Due to the clear design, it gives any room a sizeable appearance. Since clear epoxy floors are easy to look at, they are used in swimming pools, restaurants, and hotels.

3. Underwater Epoxy Flooring Design

What comes to your mind when you think of underwater epoxy flooring? An enchanting picture straight out of a movie, right?! Traditional flooring ideas can be very boring and monotonous. Spice it up a bit by using an underwater epoxy floor design inspiration!

Instead of a plain blue color, the underwater epoxy flooring gives a maritime look to your interiors. Add a modish and elegant look to your rooms by using this epoxy floor design inspiration.

4. Gold And Black Epoxy Flooring

Gold and black are a popular combo. Including this combination in your floor design can give it a luxurious look. Gold and black epoxy floor design inspiration can be used for designated rooms to add a unique or special touch. This flooring design is quite popular among couture brands and jewelry shops as it gives them an opulent appearance.

Gold and black epoxy flooring also complement photo shoots, dance, or recording theaters. You can select the perfect blend of colors after consulting an experienced epoxy flooring contractor.

Geometric design epoxy floor

5. Epoxy Flooring With Geometric Design

Geometric tiles and patterns are in trend these days. Add a bold touch to your floors, or use a geometric design for a sporty element. Geometric design epoxy flooring comes in various designs, including flashy prints and dark patterns. A clear epoxy topcoat is applied over the geometric design to give them a clean and shiny appearance.

Business owners can create appealing logos with geometric designs on their floors and walls. Whereas kids can select their favorite cartoon characters for their room with the help of geometric design epoxy flooring.

6. Epoxy Flooring With A Metallic Look

Due to their popularity, metallic designs are used in various residential and commercial buildings. Metallic epoxy flooring can give your floor a classy and grand look. Various types of materials like marble, water, or granite are used to create a metallic epoxy floor design.


Popular architectural magazines show different design combinations, including red, tan, yellow, and gray. Raw materials used in creating metallic floors are more expensive than traditional floors. Even though installing a metallic epoxy floor will cost you more, it will modernize the entire look of your building.

Metallic epoxy flooring needs several coats and specific artistic materials than traditional epoxy. Hence, it can last more than thirty years and go well with residential and industrial floor space.

7. Three-Dimensional Epoxy Flooring

Another popular design inspiration is the three-dimensional epoxy flooring. Three-dimensional epoxy flooring involves advanced technology to create a unique and chic look. Choose this design if you want to give a classy appearance to your room.

You can play with scenes like creatures jumping out of the sea or a vivid natural landscape with a three-dimensional epoxy flooring design. This type of flooring is both durable and adaptable. Thus, you can select this design for any area – be it your bedroom or lounge.

Install Stylish and Trendy Epoxy Flooring With Steel Coated Epoxy Floors

No matter which design inspiration you have in mind, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors can install them all. We have experienced flooring contractors from many areas, including Prescott, Las Vegas, and others. We offer top-notch floor coating services for both residential and industrial needs. We use advanced techniques and modern materials to make sure that your epoxy floor design inspiration turns into a reality. Contact us now or request a quote to wow your guests by transforming your space.