Durability & Sustainability–Eco-Friendly Epoxy Floor Coating Options

A spacious hall with eco-friendly epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating is becoming a sought-after option for commercial and home use. Epoxy floor coating’s increasing popularity owes largely to its durability and style. In addition to giving your floor a sleek look, epoxy floor coating is also very eco-friendly. A recent news article states that the epoxy floor coating market will reach a whopping $52.13 billion by 2028.

At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we provide high-quality epoxy flooring options to suit various needs. We offer floor coating services in various areas, including Layton, Draper, Prescott, and Las Vegas. Our services are well-known in fourteen US states due to comprehensive processes, and meticulous application. We offer cleanliness and peace of mind to our customers while promising a lifetime guarantee on all our floor coating services. Do you want to get epoxy coating for your floors? Let’s look at some eco-friendly epoxy floor coating options that you can choose from.

Self Dispersing Epoxy Coating Offers High Durability And Mechanical Strength

This type of epoxy floor coating is sturdy and strong, so they are best for areas with heavy trucks or forklifts. Quartz sand can also be added to this coating to increase durability. Because self-dispersing epoxy coating is slip-resistant, it can also be used in food industries where liquids are involved. Self-dispersing epoxy coating does a great job of filling the cracks while adding a protective layer to your floor.

A Garage Floor Coating in Layton

Self Leveling Coating Gives A Smooth Finish

Apart from being environmentally friendly, self leveling epoxy coating is also easy and quick to install. It can be used over existing floors or added to new ones as well. Moreover, self leveling coating gives a smooth and leveled surface to your floors. Thus, they are a popular flooring option for dining rooms, garages, kitchens, warehouses, and storage buildings.

It has high resistance to different types of chemicals found in hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, or manufacturing plants. Self leveling epoxy coating is eco-friendly because it can withstand fading and damage from UV emission. Hence, they can save you a few bucks in maintenance requirements.

Epoxy Mortar Coating Is Best For Heavy Industries

Epoxy mortar coating is the strongest. Thus, it is mostly used for industrial applications. Moreover, mortar coating is a popular option for removing cracks and making the surface look smooth. It is made of organic polymer and consists of materials like binders, epoxy resins, mineral additives, and other solvents.

Epoxy mortar coating is non-porous. Hence, it’s waterproof and stain resistant. Furthermore, it has a 1.5 MPa strength which is approximately three times stronger than regular concrete.

Graveled Coating Is Used For Adding Decorative Details

The graveled coating is mostly used for brand names, logos, and adding other decorative features. It makes your floor look attractive while enhancing its aesthetic appeal and durability. Many people use graveled coating for their garages and driveways. They enhance the residential appeal of the property by adding tiny, colorful epoxies to the floor coating.

Antistatic Epoxy Coating Is Popular In Industrial Buildings

The antistatic epoxy coating reduces the buildup of dangerous electric charges. Hence they are used in places where there is a lot of electrical equipment. Areas include hospitals, manufacturing industries, and laboratories. The antistatic epoxy coating prevents the equipment from getting damaged and decreases the chances of electrical shock by dissipating harmful charges.

Some industries contain inflammable materials that include ESD, which can be hazardous to the environment. The antistatic epoxy coating eliminates this threat by preventing electrical discharge. Thus, antistatic epoxy coating is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also safe to use.

Epoxy Vapor Barrier Coating Adds Final Touch To Concrete Floors

An epoxy vapor barrier is a liquid coating that spreads over concrete floors to avoid vapor transmission. In most cases, this coating is used before adding the last flooring layer, like carpets, hardwood floors, vinyl sheets, and tiles. Due to its zero transmission property, the epoxy vapor barrier coating is mostly used by contractors and applied in basements or garages.

Multi-colored and eco-friendly epoxy floor coating in a room

Flaked Epoxy Coating Is Multi-colored And Stylish

With this style of epoxy coating, you can add various designs to your flooring. The most common one is colorful chips and flakes that are added for decorative purposes. Chips and stones are added while the floor is still wet to give it a shiny look. Moreover, they also offer a precise gravelly look to your floor, making them appear groovy and seamless. This also gives your floor anti-slip properties reducing the threat of falls and accidents.

Flaked epoxy coating is very common in kitchens, locker rooms, showrooms, and sports arenas. Steel Coated Epoxy Floors serves in Draper, Las Vegas, and other areas. You can find various styles at our store, including gray slate, tan slate, gray steel, and tan steel.

Epoxy coating is eco-friendly as it’s of premium quality and manufactured through a curing process. This method ensures that no biohazards are emitted into the environment. If applied properly, epoxy flooring prevents contaminating the room and protects people from harmful chemicals.

An eco-friendly epoxy flooring that is easy to clean

Terrazzo Epoxy Coating Is Efficient And Simple To Clean

Terrazzo epoxy coating is very uncomplicated and easy to maintain. It is mostly used in entrances, schools, offices, commercial buildings, and hallways. It is made of tiny epoxies mixed in a fine bond. Hence, terrazzo epoxy coating can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Moreover, they can also be laid on tiles or poured over concrete floors.

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We understand the importance of efficient and environmentally friendly epoxy flooring. Good flooring can transform the entire look of your office or home. It can increase your productivity while impressing visitors simultaneously. Hence, at Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we provide high-quality flooring options.

Our epoxy flooring contractors are available in many areas, including Las Vegas, Prescott, and many more. We also offer floor coating for various industries to suit their specific needs. Let us help you leave a great first impression on your clients and guests. We’ll also ensure the cleanliness and vitality of your floors.

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