7 Reasons You Need a Garage Floor Coating Stat!

an image of a garage floor with garage floor coating

Has your garage floor been looking dull lately? That can happen with years of wear and tear. Just think of how many times we walk over it, park our cars, and store our things. When we think our bedroom or kitchen floors are looking dull, we get them carpeted or tiled. Don’t you wish you could do the same with your garage floor? Well, who said you couldn’t? You most definitely can do the same time!

There are various garage floor coatings from epoxy floor coatings to concrete floor staining. All of these interesting and unique options are waiting for you to pick one of them. Moreover, garage floor coatings have many benefits and make your garage look as good as new.

Here are some reasons to get garage floor coating.


Think of your garage. How often do you use it? Do you walk on it every day? Do your park your car in it every day? Are you storing heavy and sharp objects in it? Are there people using it for the same reasons?

If yes, then your garage is used a lot. There’s heavy traffic and a lot of impact that it endures. It’s bound to wear out after so much usage. Therefore, it’s important for it to have high durability.

One of the reasons to get garage floor coating is to make it more durable. Concrete is already quite a durable surface—and a floor coating will make it stronger. We recommend getting an epoxy floor coating due to its high durability. Your garage will look brand new with an epoxy floor coating. It has the ability to look great even after excessive usage. Moreover, it’s able to withstand the weight of heavy objects, such as your car.

If you accidentally knock your bike over, your floor will remain unscathed.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning dirt and stains from garage floors can be difficult. Even more so when they penetrate into the surface or accumulate on it. In such cases, cleaning your garage floor can be quite a hassle. This is also one of the many reasons to get garage floor coatings. They will make cleaning and maintaining your garage floor a breeze.

With just a simple sweep and mop, your garage floor will be squeaky clean in no time. As floor coatings are stain resistant, you don’t need to worry about stains becoming permanent. You’ll also be spending less time and money on maintaining your floor coatings then. While there are various garage floor coatings, we recommend epoxy floor coatings. They are a popular choice for garage owners due to their stain-resistant nature.

Safety Comes First

 an image of a garage floor with garage floor coating

Another one of the reasons to get garage floor coating is because of their increased safety. You or someone else can get hurt if your garage floor is slippery or cracked. This is even more dangerous if you have uneven floors. Thankfully, floor coatings even your floor out by smoothening out the surface. They also help against crack formation—and are easier to clean in case of spillage.

In a nutshell, epoxy floor coatings are slip resistant and can make your garage floor safe.

Resistant to Damage

If you’re noticing damaged garage floors, that’s no surprise considering how much impact they withstand. With heavy vehicles in your garage, cracks, and dents are bound to appear. Moreover, your garage floor’s concrete surface can start to chip away too. Therefore, it’s important to get a garage floor coating to increase its durability. This way, your garage floor will be safe from all kinds of potential damage.

Furthermore, a garage floor coating will help you avoid costly repairs. Not only are garage floor coatings damage-proof, but they’re also resistant to tire damage. This means that their smooth surface won’t damage your car’s tires. As a result, you won’t have to spend on costly repairs in that domain either. Epoxy floor coatings stay in good condition for a long time—and ensure they don’t damage other objects.

Visually Appealing

a garage floor coating done by Steel Coated Floors

Do you wish to have a garage floor that is visually appealing? Imagine your garage floor looking all shiny and glossy—and you not being able to take your eyes off it. You can make that possible with garage floor coatings. They not only make your floor aesthetically appealing but give it a smooth surface. The coating is pleasing to look at and will last you a long time.

The best part about garage floor coatings is that they come in a variety of colors and designs. If you don’t want plain old gray floors (not that they look bad), you can get any color or style you want. From stained floors to painted looks, you have many options to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Now’s your cue to pick a color and style and make your garage floor look all pretty.

Worth the Money

While garage floor coatings can be costly, they’re worth it. Getting your garage floors coated is an investment with a high ROI. You’re not just installing a garage floor, but you’re saving on maintenance and repair costs. Moreover, you’re getting something that’ll give you all of the benefits listed above. If you’re looking for an affordable floor coating service in Las Vegas, Steel Coated Floors has you covered.

Easy to Install

a garage floor coating done by Steel Coated Floors

If you thought we were done with reasons to get a garage floor coating, we’re definitely not. Apart from being cost-effective, garage floor coatings are easy to install. We advise against trying to install any floor coatings yourself. This is because the job can be dangerous without the right tools and expertise. However, a professional floor coating service can do it for you in no time.

Here at Steel Coated Floors, we ensure you can get back to using your garage as soon as possible. If you’re looking for quality epoxy floor coatings in Layton or Las Vegas, get in touch with us. Our team is skilled in installing all kinds of garage floor coatings. For more information, give us a call; we’re always happy to help!