Design Inspiration: Creative Ways to Use Epoxy Floor Coating

a decorated garage featuring a flake epoxy flooring

Planning on giving your home’s interior a do-over but don’t have the budget for a full renovation? You’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is spruce up your floors! Change your dull, worn-out floors to unique, aesthetic steel-coated epoxy floors and see the difference they make to your interior.

What places epoxy floors above other types of flooring like concrete and wood is that they are far more robust, heat-resistant, low-maintenance, and, most importantly, customizable than these floor types. When installed by professionals, they take only 3 to 4 days to cure and can last a lifetime! At Steel Coated Floors, we give all of our customers a lifetime guarantee when they hire us as epoxy flooring contractors.

Epoxy floor coatings are available in a wide range of designs that you can choose from—or customize—for your floor. To help you get started, here are some creative epoxy floor ideas you can use as inspiration for your floor renovation.

1. Flake Flooring

Flake epoxy floors are resin or acrylic pieces (flakes) of different sizes and colors beautifully layered into classic epoxy flooring. The final finish is smooth, seamless, and professional-looking.

Flake epoxy flooring comes in multiple colors, so you can choose what suits your interior best; we offer four options, including Tan Steel, Tan Slate, Gray Steel, and Gray Slate. Flake flooring is highly impact resistant, which is why it is usually used in garages. The flakes also hide any dirt, making it low maintenance too—the perfect choice for floors where looking professional is a priority but cannot be maintained too often.

Flake floors are also common in industrial settings due to their anti-corrosion properties, making them an ideal choice for labs and areas with chemical presence.

2. Classic Epoxy Floor Coating

Classic epoxy floors will always be in style—there’s something about being original that nothing can beat. Coat your current floor with a clear layer of epoxy floor coating and watch it transform.

Not only does clear epoxy flooring shield the floor below and prevent it from damage, but it also acts as a hard layer that increases your floor’s lifespan while making it look clean and polished. The reason behind it involves its chemical properties. The resin reacts with hardeners to form a compound that does not have pores like concrete, giving a seamless finish.

This is also why clear epoxy floor coating is easy to clean; all it takes is a mop and some disinfectant. This epoxy floor idea is ideal for retail shops and showroom flooring, where clear, reflective floors will brighten up the room and give a ‘clean’ and professional image of your business.

3. Metallic Steel Flooring

A highly popular epoxy floor design is metallic epoxy floor coating, sought after due to its decorative qualities. Multi-layered, luminescent, and charming, there’s something about metallic pigments in epoxy flooring that immediately catches the eye.

According to the American Coatings Association, the secret is evolving technology. It’s true that metallic pigments have properties that make them useful to protective paints and coatings, but what really makes them stand out is the visual effect they demonstrate. Combined with steel epoxy flooring’s lifetime durability, they’re your best choice for beautiful, everlasting floors.

Metallic steel flooring also allows you to add colors and patterns of your choice to make the floor match your unique tastes. Some creative epoxy floor ideas using metallic epoxy floors include the ‘underwater effect’, shimmer floors, and marble designs.

a metallic epoxy floor with light reflecting on it

4. Geometrical Patterns or Logos

Epoxy resin is a rather versatile material, which is why epoxy floors are suited to both residential and commercial flooring. Since steel epoxy flooring is completely damage and scratch resistant, we offer you to customize your floors with any logos or markings for your company or industrial building.

Not only do epoxy floor logos ‘pop’ and make your interior look good, but floor markings can also be used as signs for parking vehicles or machines in busy areas. We can also customize your basement and garage with any patterns you need.

An epoxy floor with an 'H' logo

5. Terrazzo

Give your interior an Italian touch and get Terrazzo-inspired epoxy floors installed. Historically made of clay, milk, and rare stones, terrazzo is a stylish mosaic pattern used in flooring designs for over 1500 years. Today, terrazzo is made using epoxy resin but requires the hands of an expert to look as beautiful.

Terrazzo’s patterns are color-customizable, meaning you can choose your own theme and add the terrazzo mosaic touch to make it more sophisticated. Our epoxy flooring contractors can guide you regarding both the style and color of your new floor.

a terrazzo floor pattern

Flake, metallic, geometrical, terrazzo and more—there are so many creative epoxy floor ideas to choose from! Robust, low maintenance, and low-cost floors with many options; what more could one ask for? If your home needs a makeover or your floors are damaged, use these ideas as inspiration and get your steel coated epoxy floors today.

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