The Durability and Longevity of Epoxy Floor Coating

an industrial epoxy floor

Are you taking your floors for granted? We forget how much weight our floors withstand every day and neglect investing in their upkeep. Getting an epoxy floor coating might solve the problem since their durability wouldn’t require you to redo your floors again, at least for a lifetime!

Epoxy floor coating’s longevity allows it to be beneficial for both commercial and residential use, as retail showroom and industrial epoxy floor coatings, as well as basement and garage floor coatings. Steel Coated Floors offers floor coating services for various uses, including options to customize your floor according to aesthetic sense or business profile.

With more than thirty years of experience in fourteen states, our company believes that steel-coated epoxy floors are the most robust and long-lasting option for your floor. Let’s discuss epoxy floor coating’s longevity and durability.

Better Than A Few Layers of Paint and Sealer

Epoxy floor coating is not just meant to make your floor look pretty. The reflective quality of the flooring makes it ideal for showrooms and garages, but don’t let anyone tell you that a coat of paint and sealer can have the same effect as steel-coated floors—there’s no comparison!

While paint adds color to your concrete floor, it does not coat it with a thick, hard layer that’s waterproof and heatproof and protects the concrete below it. Epoxy floor coating does this and a lot more. Did we mention we can also mix paint in the epoxy resin to get that pop of color you were looking for?

The Science Behind Steel Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is, by definition, robust. The term ‘epoxy’ defines a group of chemicals called polymers found in resin. When combined with the right quantity of hardening agents, the epoxy binds to the hardener creating an almost-unbreakable compound—steel-coated epoxy flooring.

After the compound is chemically formed, it has to be cured and professionally poured over the base for a seamless top coat. This results in the coating becoming rock-solid after it is allowed to cure. The whole process takes about 3 to 4 days. For durable results, only professionals with training and experience should perform the process to prevent risks of failure.

What Can Epoxy Floors Stand?

The strong chemical bonds make your floors strong enough to face even the harshest of weights and impacts. Don’t let the shiny surface fool you—even heavy-traffic warehouse floors can benefit from the reinforcement. In fact, epoxy floors are the best choice for areas with heavy vehicle movement because of their high tensile strength.

This is also why epoxy floors are commonly found in hangars, garages, and industrial buildings. Not only do vehicle and machine traffic no match for it, but falling or crashing weight also has little to no impact on the epoxy floor!

Epoxy floor coatings are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, which is useful for industrial buildings with specific temperature control requirements. This quality also makes the flooring resistant to fires, saving you and your property from a lot of damage.

An airplane on an epoxy floor

Epoxy Floors Are Corrosion Resistant

One key reason for epoxy floor coating longevity is that they do not corrode. As discussed, their element molecules bind closely together to form a hard structure that cannot be physically damaged easily. This rule also applies to their chemical properties.

Chemistry says that compounds with high melting points, i.e., those that are resistant to extreme heat, usually have strong, closely-linked atomic bonds that cannot be easily broken. Corrosion is a chemical reaction that usually occurs as a result of oxidation. Our steel-coated floors are so robust that they resist reacting with elements in the atmosphere or even chemical spillage.

We ensure corrosion and damage-free floors to all our customers, and our services come with a lifetime guarantee of durable epoxy flooring.

Shields Your Concrete Floors

Concrete is a popular flooring material due to its sturdiness and resistance to fire. It’s also preferred because of its customizable qualities. However, concrete has its cons. It is porous, which allows it to trap moisture and dirt and crack with time.

While there are many reasons why concrete cracks, you can’t prevent them and would have to repair your floor frequently unless you seal it with a concrete epoxy floor coat. It can be applied over your concrete floor to strengthen it.

What Affects Epoxy Floor Coating’s Longevity?

Epoxy floors can sustain anything, but in our experience, certain factors affect their longevity. Consider these factors before you decide to install one:

· Maintenance

Generally, epoxy floor coatings are low maintenance because they are not porous and don’t trap any dirt. Yet, it is ideal to mop your floor with soapy water and disinfectant when it looks dirty. Keeping it clean will increase its lifespan and improve your building’s atmosphere.

· Epoxy Flooring Contractor

The quality of the job depends on who does it. In most cases, DIYs tend to get in the way of long-lasting epoxy floors (don’t worry, we fix those too). Since the process requires knowledge of chemical reactions and compounds, we advise only hiring an experienced professional and getting the most out of your epoxy floor.

a blue epoxy floor

There’s no doubt that epoxy floors are one of the strongest types of flooring you’ll find for both commercial and residential use. For a stress-free and scratch-free experience, get your steel-coated floor installed now.

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