The Benefits of Low-Maintenance Epoxy Floor Coating

Cars parked on an epoxy floor

Floors are your first physical contact with a space when you enter it! This is just one reason you should start prioritizing your residential and commercial floors when it comes to maintenance.

When you decide to give your garage or basement floors a makeover, we suggest going for epoxy floor coating because of its durability, non-toxic qualities, and unique aesthetic appeal that turns a dark, gloomy garage into a mood-lifter.

Steel Coated Floors’ steel epoxy flooring is a compound that comprises resin and hardener, resulting in a smooth but strong epoxy floor coating when applied and layered on concrete flooring by our experts.

If you’re thinking about redoing your basement floors, read on to learn about some more epoxy floor coating benefits so you can make a more informed decision.

1. The Coating is Long-Lasting

Compared to regular concrete floors, steel-coated epoxy floors are highly sturdy and durable. The reason is in their binding properties; concrete is porous, which allows it to absorb moisture and crack. This means it needs frequent repairs, unlike epoxy flooring, which binds itself to the porous concrete and results in a smooth, polished surface that shields the concrete underneath and doesn’t crack.

While we assure you that our basement and garage floor coatings are long-lasting, Steel Coated Floors gives all its customers a lifetime guarantee of perfection from our floor coating services.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Who says that garages and basements have to be so dark and dull? We believe that even your floor should reflect your personality. Interior designers agree that adding a pop of color to your home or workplace design improves your mental health.

As epoxy flooring contractors, we let you customize your garage, basement, or warehouse floors to fit your aesthetic. Choose from four flooring flake options, including Tan Steel, Tan Slate, Gray Steel, and Gray Slate.

Industrial epoxy floor coating also possesses reflective qualities, which naturally enhances the area’s brightness making it more appealing to the eye. It’s ideal for business showroom flooring where your products’ visibility will be enhanced.


3. Maintenance is Easy

Prioritizing your floors doesn’t mean giving them all of your time. Our steel-coated floors are incredibly easy to maintain. Since their surface is seamless, epoxy floors don’t have any space to trap dirt or germs that would need to be scrapped out, unlike other floor types, including concrete and stone.

All it takes is a broom or a mop and disinfectant liquid in water to wipe any oil and dirt marks away. Steel-coated epoxy floors are resistant to moisture and absorption; they are the perfect choice to keep your floor’s shine alive!

4. Safe and Non-Toxic

Epoxy floor coating benefits don’t stop at robustness and aesthetics. It’s binding qualities make the flooring resistant to chemicals and corrosive substances.

Our epoxy floors are also free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), indicating that our customers, especially asthma patients, are safe from any negative health effects that can occur from inhaled chemical compounds.

One concern with epoxy floors due to their smoothness is that they might be slippery. The problem is solved using anti-slip additives that are mixed with the resin solution before it is poured onto your commercial or residential floor. This doesn’t affect any of the other qualities of your epoxy floor at all!

That’s not all—steel-coated floors are safe against high temperatures (even fires) and heavy impact, which are common in garages and industrial settings.

5. Quick, Easy, Economical

While there are numerous epoxy floor coating benefits, including a lifetime of crack-resistant flooring, installation only takes about 3–4 days! The process, however, is not easy. Beware of DIY refinishing kits that are not made to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles and machinery—they never last long!

This is why you should always hire a professional when it comes to steel-coated epoxy floors. Our experts not only get the job done quickly but also eliminate any previous failed epoxy flooring jobs. We also keep the area ventilated during installation so any odors are fanned out before your new floor is finished.

Steel epoxy flooring is also more economical than other forms of flooring for two reasons. First, epoxy resin is not as expensive as other flooring types. Second, it can be applied over your existing concrete floors, which means that you won’t have to pay for your floors to get removed first—both installation and material are cheaper.

an epoxy floor with an "H" symbol

Epoxy floor coating is the durable, low-maintenance option for your floor. To ensure you can enjoy all of its benefits, including its aesthetics, safety, and robustness, be sure to hire only a professional to do the job. Inexperienced individuals or DIY kits will not do a flawless job.


For seamless steel-coated epoxy floors in Draper, Las Vegas, Prescott, and other cities, choose Steel Coated Floors. Our team has more than 30 years of experience serving 14 states. With over 6500 successfully completed jobs and happy customers, we aim to make your floor steel coated too.

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