Concrete Basement Floor? The Why & How of Adding Epoxy Floor Coating to Your Basement

a winery basement with epoxy floor coating

Concrete basement floors are the norm across the country. However, they are also prone to damage which can extend to the rest of the home or commercial building. But did you know there’s a way to prevent that damage, make the basement waterproof, and completely transform the space? That’s all possible through an epoxy coating. But many people who don’t know the benefits of this coating or have never experienced it firsthand will question it. Why is it such a great option, and how do you even install it? In this blog, the epoxy flooring pros at Steel Coated Epoxy Floors explain the why and how of adding epoxy floor coating to your basement.

The Benefits Of Adding Epoxy Coating In The Basement

Protection Against Water Seepage

Many homes suffer water damage every year due to improperly sealed basements. Around 98% of homes suffer water damage at least once unless proper measures are in place. This is why it’s very important that the basement floor has a waterproofing solution. Moisture contributes to the structure’s deterioration and makes it disease-prone due to dampness.

Epoxy floor coating safeguards the basement and prevents water from seeping into the foundation, thus protecting the home from structural damage and diseases. The epoxy floor coating cures to form a tough surface with tightly knit bonds. These bonds stop the water from reaching the bottom of the surface. Instead, it stays on top of it and is easily wiped away.

basement with epoxy floor coating

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Protection against water brings us to our second benefit of epoxy floor coating for basements, and that’s easy cleaning and maintenance. Basements are used for various purposes such as storage, children’s playroom, or office. Regardless of your basement use, the concrete floor will quickly develop dirt and grime. An epoxy floor coating is a great solution for the basement because it doesn’t attract or retain any dirt. Even if dust develops on the surface, it’s simple to clean and bring back to its original state with regular household items.

Some things you can use to clean and maintain the floor include the following:

  • Use a towel or a rag to remove dust and grime on the surface.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to pick up any debris.
  • Spot-clean any dirt to prevent it from building up.
  • Use a mild soap mixed with water and mop it on stubborn stains to get rid of them.
  • Avoid using any hard chemicals to clean the epoxy floor.

Doesn’t Entertain Mold Or Mildew

Because epoxy is easy to clean and doesn’t retain any moisture, you won’t have mold or mildew problems. Both of them develop in damp places, and epoxy floor coating in a basement will prevent such an environment from forming if installed correctly. In addition, homeowners should also ensure that the downspouts face away from the foundation of the home and that there is proper drainage throughout the structure.

Offers Beautiful Finishes

With the right type of epoxy floor coating, you can completely transform the look of your basement. It is available in a wide range of colors, such as terrazzo, quartz, flakes, metallic epoxy, etc. You can even lighten up your basement with bright colors and designs to better reflect the natural light. This will help you save on electricity bills as well. If you use your basement as a home office, you could even incorporate your brand colors into the floor. Hiring the right epoxy flooring contractor will leave you with a durable floor that will mimic the look of any floor you want.

Just because epoxy floor coating for basements is done with practicality in mind, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the aesthetics. Many people choose epoxy floors for durability and attractive appearance. The many options allow you to convert your basement as per your style preferences. You could create a relaxing space or an entertainment zone with a wow factor.

an office in the basement

A Strong Basement Floor Coating

Many homeowners looking to fix their basement’s concrete floor go with an epoxy finish. It adds a strong plastic-like coating that’s resistant to water, and it also ensures you won’t have to renovate it again in a year or two. The epoxy floor has a long lifespan of more than 20 years and doesn’t develop any worn spots or peels to show the layer underneath.

How To Install Epoxy Floor CoatingIn A Basement

You can find epoxy DIY kits in most home goods stores these days. However, if you want to properly install an epoxy floor anywhere, you should hire an epoxy flooring contractor. This is because the concrete must be diamond grounded for the epoxy and moisture vapor barrier to bond to the floor. A flooring contractor will bring an industrial grinding machine into the basement, which can weigh over 500 to 1,000 pounds. You should first check accessibility to your basements to ensure that they can carry the machine there.

Next, you’ll need to ensure that there is proper airflow in the basement. Turn off the HVAC system while the epoxy is being applied. This is to ensure the contractor or homeowner doesn’t inhale epoxy resin particles which can cause sensitization in the respiratory system. Epoxy comes as a resin and chemical hardener poured over a concrete surface. The solution cures and develops a thick layer, often with some pigment to cover the floor surface.

basement converted to the home gym after adding concrete floor coating and mats

Leading Epoxy Floor Contractors for Basements

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors provides epoxy floor coating for all rooms, including the basement. We can transform your basement unlike you would have imagined to make it functional and last you years! We offer commercial and residential coatings, both with a lifetime warranty. You can get our steel-coated epoxy floors and concrete floor coatings in areas such as Draper, Layton, Las Vegas, and Prescott.

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