6 Reasons Why Garage Floor Coatings Are Better Than Floor Mats

A crack in a concrete floor

Thinking of getting floor mats to protect your garage? Hold your horses! Floor mats might seem like a great way to protect your garage, but they pale in comparison to garage floor coatings. Sure, floor mats might be cheaper and appeal to the DIY-er within you—but did you know they’re also unsafe and unhygienic?

Here are 5 reasons garage floor coatings are better than floor mats.

1. Garage Floor Mats Take the Shape of Damaged Concrete Underneath

It’s inevitable for cracks to form in your garage’s concrete floor—it’s one of the main reasons people decide to get the floor covered. But here’s where garage floor mats fall short; most of them are made using rubber, making them susceptible to caving in if the floor underneath is cracked. For the science buffs among you, this occurs because rubber is naturally malleable and stays that way even if it’s treated under extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, popping a set of rubber mats on your garage floor isn’t a great idea—especially considering winter’s in full swing in Utah!

One of the best solutions to this issue is to install garage floor coatings. We recommend opting for an epoxy floor coating as it provides far greater flexural strength and won’t cave into any gaps in the concrete underneath.

2. Garage Floor Coatings Don’t Require Frequent Maintenance

An epoxy-coated garage floor

Would you rather have a smooth, edge-to-edge garage floor you can clean easily or cover it in a material with gaps everywhere? If you’ve chosen the former, garage floor coatings are for you!

Pre-cut garage floor mats are prone to separating and leaving gaps everywhere. This makes cleaning a nightmare because it’s easy for dirt and debris to get trapped in the gaps. The other option is to overlap the mats and cover up the gaps, which means having unsightly bumps all over the floor.

This is why garage floor coatings are the superior option. All you’ve got to do is get in touch with a company that uses a methodical installation process, and you’ll be the proud owner of an aesthetically pleasing garage floor you can easily clean up with nothing more than a mop and a bit of elbow grease!

3. Floor Mats Make Your Garage Vulnerable to Mold Growth

A man pinching his nose

Remember how we mentioned garage floor mats tend to leave gaps exposing the concrete underneath? If moisture gets trapped in these gaps, your garage will become an easy target for mold. This will cause a foul smell to waft through and put everyone at risk of several health hazards. If you don’t have the luxury of owning a garage with windows, this will quickly become a serious problem!

This is why we recommend hiring experts to install a beautiful, gapless coating for your garage floor. They’ll minimize the chances of moisture getting trapped between the floor and the coating while also helping you add to your garage’s overall look.

4. Garage Floor Mats Tend to Come Unstuck Due to the Weather Changes

 An outdoor thermometer

Let’s say you’re adamant about using garage floor mats. You find a way to cut them into perfect shapes and assemble them to leave zero gaps. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that they won’t come unstuck due to one crucial factor—the weather.

Let’s take Draper, for example. In the winter months, temperatures in this lovely part of Utah fluctuate from as high as 48 at midday to as low as 32 in the early hours of the morning. If this happens daily for a few weeks, the rubber garage floor mats you’ve installed will come unstuck from repeatedly expanding and contracting.

In comparison, garage floor coating won’t come ‘unstuck’ because they’re glued to the floor using a powerful primer and don’t have any gaps.!

5. The Edges of Garage Floor Mats are a Trip Hazard

A couple of cars in a garage with an epoxy floor

Tripping over isn’t much more than an annoyance for the average joe—but it can be pretty bad if you’re a kid or a senior. This is whygarage floor mats aren’t great; If they come unglued and begin to curl at the edges, anyone that walks through your garage is bound to trip over them. Fortunately, garage floor coatings aren’t impacted by this issue!

Thanks to their gapless nature and smooth surface, floor coatings are ideal for preventing people from tripping over in your garage. We recommend going for an epoxy floor coating in particular as this material provides great grip.

6. Garage Floor Coatings Provide a Professional Look

No matter how gorgeous your vehicles are, they won’t shine if you park them in a run-of-the-mill garage with ordinary floor mats. If you want that polished, professional look you find in those fancy showrooms, it’s time to invest in garage floor coating!

Once you’ve hired experts to install the coating and chosen your preferred flake colors, your floor will look simply epic once the brand-new layer of epoxy cures.

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