5 Things To Consider When Choosing Floor Color

an apartment building with white tiles and a clear epoxy floor coating

Flooring is an important part of the home and can cost an average of $3,000 for 500 sq. ft. Imagine spending that much money only to realize the color feels wrong and your room doesn’t even look close to what you envisioned. Sounds horrible, right?

It’s easy to get the color wrong because of the many available options. It will depend on many factors, like the type of floor you have, such as hardwood, and even if you get an epoxy floor coating.

So, let’s look at how you can pick the right floor color and bring your vision to life.

The Purpose And Use

Before you start looking and how the floor matches your aesthetic and your room, evaluate the room’s overall purpose. With flooring, understanding how to use it and who will use it helps shortlist the type of floor you should have and the color. The color will play an essential role in room functionality. For example, a household with kids and pets needs a floor color that isn’t likely to show any stains or markings. For purpose and users, consider the following:

· Design features

You may have found a particular piece of furniture that you want to take center stage. In such a case, use natural colors that will act as a beautiful base and won’t take anything away from the furniture. On the other hand, if you want to reflect luxury and have colonial furnishings, try bold colors like red. Similarly, for country-style décor, something in a brown tint will look better. Ideally, a floor serves as a base, and you want it to highlight your design elements and not overpower them.

home office with wooden flooring

· Functional materials

Think about the function you want your space to have when you pick the floor type and color. In households with kids and pets, you need a durable floor. Some materials are only available in certain shades, like hardwood. Note which shades your floor type is available before shortlisting and picking a color.

· Room purpose

The color you pick also depends on the function of your room. For example, fun and bright colors look great in a kids’ room, and you can achieve it through paint. On the other hand, if you use a garage as a workroom and decide to add a colored garage floor coating, muted shades like gray will look better.

The Room Size

Your color should always be in line with the size of your room. Colors can change the perception of room size. With lighter colors, you’ll be able to make the room bigger; with the darker floor color, you can make a large room feel more intimate. Colors are the perfect way to create the illusion you want, so always think about a certain area before picking out flooring colors.

flooring to emphasize room size

Color Combinations

Your floor color should complement your furniture and décor. When deciding on the floor, think about the furniture you want to add and the one you already have. Matching colors can feel too uniform, and too many contrasting colors can be harsh on the eyes. Strike a balance between the furniture/décor and the floor for a space that looks and feels appealing. If you’re redoing the floor in all several rooms, think about how they connect to create a flow and unity throughout the house. Choosing a different color for every floor is good for separating the rooms. When working on multiple floors, think of the home’s layout and not just individual rooms.

The Mood

The mood you want to portray in your room is also important when choosing a floor color. For example, cool-toned dark floors will make the room more formal, while the same color with a warm undertone will make the room cozy. In contrast, pale and cool undertone colors make the space look airy, cozy, and bright. For example, if you have a small room, try a bright pale color and make the space look bigger.

Similarly, for a relaxing environment, use light gray or light-tone wood. Red and black will look great to emulate elegance. According to research, color influences psychological functioning, and as such, it can give a room a relaxing vibe or a dramatic edge. Always decide first what mood you want your space to have, and then pick the floor color.

a light pale floor that brightens the room

Type Of Floor

You’ll be either limited in color choices because of the floor type or have unlimited choices. There are several floor types, so let’s look at a few common floor types and their color options to give you an idea of why the floor type is so important in picking a color.

· Hardwood

Nearly 52% of homeowners have hardwood floors in at least one room. It’s a classic floor type; however, the color choices are few. If you want bright sunny floors in shades of yellow, a hardwood floor isn’t exactly a good floor type to pick.

· Carpet

Completely carpeted homes aren’t as popular anymore. However, smaller and statement pieces carpets are still the norm. There are several color options for a carpet. It also comes in various patterns. If you’re yet to pick your furniture, you can also get inspiration from carpet designs.

· Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floor coatings are common in both residential and commercial areas. It’s usually meant for places like garages, basements, patios, and commercial buildings like warehouses for its many benefits. One benefit is the endless customization option. There are countless color and flake options to create a bespoke floor.

an epoxy floor coating with a glossy finish

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