How to Choose the Right Basement Floor Epoxy

Basement in Las Vegas with epoxy flooring

Basement floors are prone to moisture damage, mold, and other issues, so most people opt for epoxy floor coatings in their basements. However, choosing the right epoxy flooring can be tricky as they come in various types and colors. Each epoxy has different qualities that may or may not work for your basement. To help you choose the right epoxy flooring, we’ve prepared this detailed guide.

Epoxy Floor Coating and Its Importance

Epoxy is commonly used as floor coating or adhesives to offer distinct qualities to any surface. These coatings are made with polyamine hardener, resin, and solvents to protect the floors from damage. You can use them with other additives to enhance their performance and form a firm bond.

Epoxy floor coating is one of the most durable forms of flooring and offers more applications than usual concrete, wooden, or tile floors. They protect the existing floors (without removing them) from damage and mask any previous damage or imperfections. Due to their toughness, chemical resistance, and versatility, people use epoxy coating in areas like garages, basements, auto shops, office corridors, etc., to prevent wear and tear and impact damage.

Whether you need to refurbish your basement floor, spruce up the space or treat damages, epoxy floor coatings will offer all kinds of applications.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coating

1. One-Part Floor Coating

One-part floor coating works more like paint and isn’t considered a true epoxy coating because epoxy floor coating requires a two-part product, including resins and an activator/hardener. However, even one-part epoxy offers better performance and durability than standard flooring or paints. Here are the features of one-part floor coating:

  • Cost less than $40/gallon
  • Known as “epoxy/acrylic” or “one-part epoxy.”
  • Comes in a single container—doesn’t require mixing
  • Takes only one hour to dry
  • Requires reapplication after every few years
  • Offers easy cleanup with a simple soap and water solution

Table and chairs in a basement

2. Two-Part Epoxy Floor Coating with 100% Solids

These coatings are true epoxy coatings as they don’t contain any traditional solvents and offer a two-part product where resin is mixed with an activator or hardener. Two-part coatings with 100% solids are the most durable epoxies and are perfect for concrete floors. They add a sleek, thick and hard finish to the floor.

You can use them with decorative mica or quartz chips by sprinkling them over the surface while the coating is curing to add texture and style. Due to their high functionality, two-part epoxy floor coatings require expertise and professional tools for installation. In addition, they emit strong fumes during application and require adequate ventilation. So if you’re choosing this kind of epoxy flooring, hire professionals for it for safety and better results.

Here are some features of two-part epoxy floor coatings:

  • Require 24 hours to dry
  • Costs $200 or more per kit
  • Marketed as “100 percent solids.”
  • Comes in two parts that require mixing before the application
  • Have a strong odor
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting

3. Water-Based Two-Part Epoxy Floor Coating

Water-based epoxy floor coatings also come in a two-part product (resin and activator), but they use water as a solvent. They are a low-odor and low VOC alternative to two-part epoxy coatings with 100% solids and offer the same performance. However, these coatings take more time to dry and cure because the solvents need thorough evaporation. You can add decorative chips and vinyl color over some kinds of water-based epoxy coatings. The only trade-off with these coatings is the longevity.

Here are the features of water-based two-part epoxy coatings

  • Require 2–3 (or more) days to fully dry
  • Costs $50–$100/gallon
  • Also called “low-VOC” or “low-odor” epoxy coatings
  • Require reapplication after a few years

Factors to Consider While Choosing Basement Flooring

Sub-Floor Conditions

One of the most important things to consider before choosing epoxy flooring for your basement is its subfloor conditions. For example, the material of your current basement floor, any previous damage like water damage, etc. Make sure you explain your subfloor conditions to your flooring contractor before getting new flooring.

Climate and Weather Conditions

Climate and weather conditions determine the humidity levels (and chances of mold growth) in your basement, which is another thing to consider before choosing suitable epoxy flooring.

Usage of the Room

It’s also important to consider the usage of the room—whether you’re using your basement as storage, laundry room, children’s play area or a home theater. This will tell you the foot traffic of the space, general wear and tear, and what level of protection you’ll need.

A bedroom in the basement

Overall Aesthetic

Epoxy flooring allows you to add decorative chips and texture to your floor so you can choose according to the overall aesthetic of the space. For example, if you’re turning your basement into a home theater, you’ll probably need a sleek and polished finish. More functional spaces like laundry or storage rooms will be good with basic yet sturdy epoxy floor coating.

Color and Design

Besides choosing between a matte or metallic finish, you can also choose from various colors for your epoxy coating. This color has the most impact on the overall appearance of your basement. Depending on your preference and usage, you can choose from bright or neutral tones, a custom mix of multiple colors, etc.

However, the final finish after the epoxy coating dries down may not be what you expected for different reasons. For example, you need a shiny floor with reflective chips, but after drying, it may look dull or darker than you imagined. It’s important to get help from our professionals because they have enough experience to guide you about different colors and finishes and how they will look in your basement.

Stairway in a basement

Now that you know everything about epoxy floor coatings, all you need to do is hire our experienced professionals. At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we specialize in residential, commercial and industrial floor coatings and offer customized solutions to our clients in Las Vegas and other states. Contact us for details or get a free quote.