Top 6 Reasons to Epoxy Coat Your Garage Floor

epoxy floor coating for a durable surface

Garages can deteriorate over the years and will leave you looking for something that will bring them back to their actual shape and help keep it. That’s the reality for many people, and the best way to fix it and keep it in shape for a long time is by adding a floor coating like epoxy. This has the floor coating market growing at an unprecedented rate. The US floor coating market is slated to reach $7.01 billion by 2026. But is epoxy floor coating a good choice for a garage? Here are some reasons we’ll always answer it with a resounding yes!

Do You Need Garage Floor Coating?

Does the garage need a floor coating, much less an epoxy floor coating? In short, yes. For a detailed answer, remember, in the hierarchy of the rooms of homes, garages, and basements are low on the totem pole. They don’t get the love they deserve even though they’re the most versatile rooms in your whole house. Garages, in particular, are used for parking your car, can be converted into storage, or turned into a gym or studio, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The garage can take a lot, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little extra help.

 garage in need of floor coating

Reason to Epoxy Coat Your Garage Floor

1. Compatible with Automobiles

The main purpose of a garage is to park your car there. Adding a floor coating that can’t withstand the weight of vehicles but might give you other benefits is pointless. Epoxy floor coating is compatible with vehicles and keeps the tire in the best shape because it has a smooth surface. The smooth surface also produces little to no friction. The concrete of the garage floor corrodes over time, leaving an uneven surface that can impact multiple parts of your vehicle and requires restoration services. With epoxy floor coating on the garage, you’ll have a garage that’s compatible with your vehicle and lasts a long time.

2. Eco-Friendly Garage Floor

Annually 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, stormwater, and waste are dumped into US waters. Thankfully, there are alternatives we can opt for in our daily lives and homes that ensure we do our part in reducing it. One way to do this is epoxy coating. Even though it’s a chemical compound, it lasts longer and produces less waste in the installation making it an excellent way to keep your garage eco-friendly.

3. Moisture & Stain Resistant

Several kinds of floor coatings are available for garages, but epoxy floor coating stands a cut above the rest because of its moisture and stain resistance. Epoxy coating is naturally more moisture and stain-resistant, making it ideal for a garage floor. Vehicles and some parts of the garage also frequently experience leaks and spills. Adding an epoxy coating prevents damage to it and makes the garage easier to clean. Whether it’s water, petrochemical spills, or other contaminants, you can clean them away in a pinch. All you need is water and soap, and you’ll have a clean garage again.

garage floor coating for a smooth surface

4. Strong and Protected Garage Floors

If you’ve ever seen those epoxy pouring videos on TikTok, you might have wondered how soft and jelly-like epoxy is. It’s actually quite strong. Epoxy floor coating is a sealant that will protect concrete and another surface, has significant strength, and the membrane-like coating makes the floor durable. An epoxy floor coating can handle impacts and shocks and withstand the substantial weight. Due to its strength, it also avoids wear and tear. Epoxy coating is also a preservation overlay.

5. Long-Lasting Coating

According to Global Marketing Insights, there is an upsurge in the epoxy market, and it will not be over anytime soon. That’s because epoxy is used for small DIY projects to large projects like floor coatings. Because of its durable and protective qualities, garage floor coating done with epoxy will last a long time. If you’ve been looking for a coating that you won’t need to replace repeatedly and will stay as-is for years, epoxy floor coating is your best bet!

6. Quick Installation

A gripe most people have with restorations and renovations is the long time it takes to do it. Epoxy floor coating in the garage or any other room takes a shorter time than other floor coatings. Even if you use your garage for work, you won’t have to shut it down for long. Contact the professionals like Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, and we’ll get it done for you in no time!

man back to work in his garage after a quick floor coating installation

Steel Coated Floor – Garage Floor Coatings in Draper

An epoxy floor coating can make your garage more durable and has a host of other benefits. Transform your garage into something new with Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, with a garage floor coating resistant to water and chemicals and a lifetime warranty.

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