How Epoxy Coatings Can Enhance Your Business Space?

A retail store with epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coatings have become a necessary addition to modern-day interior designs. They’re revitalized old-school concrete, steel, metal, and marble floors. As a versatile, convenient, and durable floor coating option, epoxy has managed to attract business space designers and owners.

A beautiful, attractive, and safe business space is not just good for improving customer and client experience. It’s also necessary to maintain and boost employee happiness and satisfaction. According to Forbes, workplace environment and physical amenities can make or break employee wellbeing and motivation.

So, if you’re thinking of revamping your business space with something quick, affordable, yet highly impactful, we’ve got just the thing for you! At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we offer amazing commercial floor coatings for steel, concrete, and many other surface materials.

In this blog, our experts have highlighted all the benefits of epoxy floor coatings inside a business space.

1. A Fast Upgrade

It’s a no-brainer that epoxy floor coatings are one of the quickest property updates that business managers can accomplish over a few days. All they need to do is find a reliable and professional floor coating services provider, and voila! Half the job is done.

Epoxy floors are excellent for commercial spaces. Whether you run a retail store, a huge and expansive office building, a warehouse, or a garage, epoxy coating is your best pick. It’s especially suitable for high-traffic areas and helps increase the beauty and strength of your floors.

A new epoxy floor-coated office space ready for use

The best part is that epoxy floors are affordable and a quick upgrade compared to getting new floor tiles. They’re a fast fix to numerous problems like scratch marks, moisture traps, and damaged concrete floors.

2. Can Be Customized

Who doesn’t love customization, right? And epoxy floor coatings offer you a chance to do so! At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, you can get bespoke commercial epoxy floor coatings in different colors. This can make your business space pop and lure customers in.

Epoxy floor coatings can help you use brand colors and create a harmonic interior that speaks volumes about your business’s vision, mission, and show-stopping features. Learn more about our extensive range of epoxy floor coatings in Draper now!

3. Highly Durable

Business owners are always thinking of new ways to minimize operational costs, especially those related to space maintenance and repairs. This is where epoxy floor coatings come into play. A business space such as an office, warehouse, shop, garage, showroom, or supermarket is vulnerable to several external factors that can damage its floors.

For example, if you run a garage, its floor is prone to damage caused by oil spills, chemicals, and other heavy-duty tools. Hence, you shouldn’t delay getting epoxy coating for floors to increase their durability and aesthetic appeal.

 A restaurant with epoxy coating on concrete floors

4. Easy Maintenance

Epoxy floors don’t require frequent maintenance activities. They’re so easy to clean due to their abrasion, water, scratch, and heat resistance qualities. Epoxy floor coatings can be a major time-saving addition to your business space as they reduce significantly cleaning time.

You should also consider getting epoxy floor coatings inside your restaurant, café, or commercial kitchen. This product leaves no room for damaging elements and ensures foolproof protection.

5. No Need to Shut Down Your Business to Get Epoxy Floor Coatings

Skipping out on even one billable hour can cost a lot. That’s why business owners want easy, quick, and affordable solutions to upgrade their spaces. Epoxy floor coatings are quite easy to install, provided that you hire skilled floor coating experts.

Epoxy floor coatings can be installed within a few days. If you cannot afford to shut down your business, you can ask your floor coating company to work in sections. However, if your space has visibly damaged floors with scuff marks and broken patches, you should create a repair timeline for best results.

Some of the other noteworthy benefits of epoxy-coated floors are:

  • It’s a safe floor coatingthat minimizes slip and fall risks
  • It withholds shine for many years
  • Epoxy coatingdoesn’t require frequent touchups unless there has been significant damage to your floors
  • Sweeping and mopping are enough to clean and restore the pristine condition of epoxy-coated floors
  • You can get different sections of your business space coated with different colored epoxy coatingsto implement a floor plan and improve safety

Hire the Most Professional Epoxy Flooring Contractor Draper Today!

Epoxy floors have taken commercial and residential property designs by storm. More homeowners, commercial estate owners, and remodelers are choosing Epoxy floors. They’re affordable, durable, and versatile, and that’s all you need in a quality floor, right?

You can install an epoxy floor coating in warehouses, garages, retail stores, or basements to protect floors and eliminate frequent repairs and maintenance needs.

At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we provide top-of-the-line epoxy floor coatings with a lifetime warranty! Based in Draper, we’re ranked as the most trusted epoxy flooring company in Utah. Our professional floor coating experts have built this reputation over the years using technical skills, premium customer service, and exemplary product quality.

 Epoxy coating on a cinema's floor

Always remember that floors play a primary and quite critical role in increasing your property’s aesthetic and resale value. That’s why you must ensure its cleanliness and resistance to damaging factors. Our residential, commercial, and industrial floor coating services offer various flake options for epoxy coating.

Ready to treat your floors with some extra care and love? Avail our high-end epoxy floor coating services draper now!

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