Floor Coating Sealers: Telling the Difference & Picking the Right One

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One cannot deny the satisfaction derived from getting new floor coatings. They’re excellent at improving a property’s aesthetic appeal and optimizing its stability, worth, and quality.

In Utah, residential and commercial property owners are actively seeking quality floor coating services to take their properties to the next level. And that’s where Steel Coated Epoxy Floors comes in. As a reliable and leading epoxy floor coating service provider in Draper, we take pride in offering a wide array of floor coating options for garages, shops, warehouses, and homes.

However, customers often struggle to understand the difference between the types of floor coating sealers. They’re unable to choose the right product and usually waste money on the wrong service. If you’re in the same boat, we’re here to help.

In this detailed guide, our experts have discussed all the different types of floor coating sealers.

1. Epoxy Sealers

The epoxy floor sealer is the most popular product in the market right now. It has unique benefits and qualities that can increase your floor’s durability and visual appeal. Epoxy sealer consists of protective components mixed and applied to a floor. They’re effective for high-traffic areas due to following reasons:

New floor coating inside an empty property

In terms of performance, epoxy floor coating sealers provide a long-lasting, scratch-proof, and abrasion-resistant finish. You can also get epoxy floor coatings in different colors. However, you must talk to your floor coating company about their product’s water resistance. Some of the epoxy sealers may be permeable, causing moisture to trap on the surface.

2. Penetrating Floor Coating Sealers

The second type of common floor coating sealers is a penetrating sealer. As the name suggests, this sealer can penetrate a concrete floor’s cavities. It doesn’t form a finishing coating above the surface and is often used for protection purposes.

Penetrating floor coating sealers don’t have a significant visual appeal. They are good for exterior surfaces prone to mold growth, moisture damage, and abrasions. Most penetrative floor coating sealers leave a matte finish without adding an extra aesthetic value.

3. Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers offer a thin, less-durable alternative to their counterparts. It forms a thin layer on the floor’s surface and is available in solvent and water-based compositions. Acrylic sealers are only used to protect a concrete surface from scuff marks. They’re not very effective at preventing abrasions and moisture traps.

Acrylic floor coating sealers are available in different sheen levels, colors, and finishes for an instant uplift in a property’s aesthetic value. However, acrylic sealers wear off faster than penetrative and polyurethane sealers and require regular maintenance. You may also want to get frequent recoats to ensure its performance and appeal.

Investing in epoxy floor sealers is your best bet to maximize your property’s safety, durability, and attractiveness. They’re the perfect coating sealers for concrete floors. Whether you have an office that needs an instant upgrade or a garage with scuffed floors, we can help!

Concrete epoxy floor coating inside a residential property

Why is It Important to Get Floor Coating Sealer Services?

Freeze-thaw damage, rebar corrosion, heat damage, chemical and tire impact, and contamination are some of the key problems in bare floors.

Concrete or steel floors are costly and a significant investment. But they’re vulnerable to external damage factors without quality floor coating sealers. That’s why you need a professional floor coating company that neither over nor under-applies the product leading to wavy marks, cracks, and air bubbles.

Why Should You Choose Our Steel Epoxy Floor Coating Services?

Our commercial concrete floor sealers are impeccable in terms of performance, versatility, and maintenance. They can prevent different types of abrasions, from heel marks to car tire screeches, from ruining your space.

Moreover, epoxy floor coating provides optimum protection against turbulence, corrosive materials, and temperature changes. They’re a top choice of residential properties, office buildings, and industrial estates, including car showrooms and malls. You can get our epoxy floor coatings in Draper for concrete, metal, steel, and other types of floors.

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors—Your Ultimate Epoxy Flooring Contractor Draper

Epoxy floors have taken commercial and residential property designs by storm. More homeowners, commercial estate owners, and remodelers are choosing Epoxy floors. They’re affordable, durable, and versatile, and that’s all you need in a quality floor, right?

Epoxy floor coating in a commercial kitchen

You can install an epoxy floor coating in warehouses, garages, retail stores, or basements to protect floors and eliminate frequent repairs and maintenance needs.

At Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, we provide top-of-the-line epoxy floor coatings with a lifetime warranty! Based in Draper, we’re ranked as the most trusted epoxy flooring company in Utah. Our professional floor coating experts have built this reputation over the years using technical skills, premium customer service, and exemplary product quality.

Always remember that floors play a primary and quite critical role in increasing your property’s aesthetic and resale value. That’s why you need to ensure its cleanliness and resistance to damaging factors. Our residential, commercial, and industrial floor coating services are available with various flake options for epoxy coating.

Ready to treat your floors with some extra care and love? Avail our high-end epoxy floor coating services now!

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