Home Flooring Ideas and Trends for 2022

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Floors are crucial in setting the tone of your home or business. The impact of their look and feel is a part that just can’t be ignored when you focus on the interior design. Regardless of how beautiful your furniture and decor are if you don’t have the floors to match, everything will look out of place. But what flooring should you pick for your home? There’s concrete flooring, epoxy flooring, wooden flooring, etc. Luckily for us, new styles and trends are introduced every year, and we’re spoilt for choice. It’s no wonder the flooring industry is expected to have a CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 to 2028.

Some of the top home flooring ideas and trends for 2022 are here!

1. Innovative Designs in Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a synthetic flooring product designed to look like real wood. Those on a tight budget have found it to be a good substitute for wooden flooring. Laminate flooring is protected by an external layer and has a resin coating, which makes it durable as well. It’s become popular this year in homes with the new arrival, such as the semi-gloss laminate that gives a refreshing look to a room. For those looking for glossy flooring, laminate flooring and epoxy flooring are the way to go. The laminate flooring in trend this year also sports lighter tones and new visual patterns.

2. Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is the go-to choice for industrial buildings and offices. However, as we move further into 2022, we’re seeing it pop up more and more. The market for concrete floor coating was valued at $304.8 million in 2021. It was already popular in industrial buildings, but with people looking for more sturdy options for flooring and the boom of industrial interior design, this has extended to residential spaces as well. Concrete is resistant to water, fire, stains, bacteria, and much more. It also doesn’t scratch easily, so you can use it in your garage and basement without worry. When used properly it’ll also help reduce energy bills.

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3. Lived-In Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been a trend for what seems like forever. This year many homeowners are looking for a flooring option that reflects authenticity and has some character. The texture is an important detail in flooring, which has given the lived-in hardwood floor a popularity boost. It gives a homey feel to any room it is placed in with its distressed and lived-in look. This is a good choice if it falls under the budget for farm-style and rustic homes. However, wooden floors are expensive, and it takes anywhere from $2,600 to $6,740 to install wooden flooring.

4. Stone-Like Flooring

Industrial and clean-cut styles are more popular than ever. Apart from concrete floor coating, the stone-like flooring is another gaining a lot of attention. This has become even more popular because gray-colored bespoke flooring is also becoming fashionable. The color is popular not just for kitchens but for the whole house, and with stone-like flooring, a more natural look can be achieved.

marble-like stone flooring

5. Vinyl Flooring

A popular flooring trend in 2022 is vinyl flooring. This can be attributed to its realistic visuals and because it’s easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl tiles also come in an ample variety, so homeowners can get a unique look within budget as well. There are also luxury vinyl tiles that will give certain rooms in your home a little boost, like the office and the dining room. Apart from concrete flooring, vinyl is a good choice for flooring if you have pets in your home.

6. Decorative Designs in Tiles

In 2021, around 3.11 billion square feet of ceramic tile were used in the US. Ceramic and different tiles have been in trend for a long time yet have had their up and downs. However, it’s back in trend for 2022 with a decorative addition. Tiles are easy to wipe clean and don’t store dirt as carpets do. But that’s not all their benefits and not the reason they’re back in trend. While many people are looking for rustic or natural flooring options, others always want a little more color and design in their homes. They can achieve this using decorative tiles. Tiles are available in different colors and designs, making them an easy pick to match any interior design.

7. Intense Color Variations

This year we’re seeing a lot of color variation on one floor. High color variations are trending in both wood and tile. It gives a natural rustic look to the room. Neutral colored furniture and décor receive a nice contrast with variations in darker tones. Stone and wood can have some inconsistencies; high variation flooring doesn’t have the same inconsistencies. It’s a good option for those that want a rustic feel in their home and want to make a statement. This kind of floor is also good for creating a bold floor design with stronger depth.

high color variations in tiles

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