Uses of Epoxy Flooring in Commercial Applications

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If you need a high-performance flooring solution, builders will always suggest epoxy floor coatings. The epoxy floors have characteristics that make them an excellent choice for various commercial applications. Steel Coated Epoxy Floors enlists for you a few of the applications below so that the next time you embark on a construction venture, you have your options clear.

The Uses of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is not only the strongest type of floor coating, but it also has other properties that builders and development owners like. If you are looking to hire an epoxy floor franchise for your office or building, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, with its experience and high-quality work, is here to help. Let’s get down to how the epoxy floors can be used.

Used For Lobby and Store Display Floor

Since epoxy flooring can give a professional look to your space, they are best used in lobbies and store floors. They come in a variety of standard colors that can be mixed to create a color and look of your request. Adding decorative chips into the finish is another way of decking up the floor. The Epoxy floors have a high-gloss surface that brightens up the space and turns the room or area into an incredible sight.

Best for Factory Floors, Warehouses, Garage Floors, Hallways

Epoxy works best with concrete surfaces as together, they are a strong combination. Floors with epoxy coating can withstand heavy traffic and rarely require maintenance except for the routine mopping. Also, epoxy is resistant to a wide range of substances such as oil, transmission fluid, bleach, water, gasoline, and other chemicals.

Suitable For Hospitals, Cafeterias, Restrooms

Flooring that is resistant to bacteria and germs is best suited for hospitals, cafeterias, restrooms, and other spaces where cleanliness is essential. Especially with the COVID-19 factor looming and the potential threat of future pandemics, making spaces germs resistant is essential. The epoxy floors are easy to sanitize, making them perfect for hospitals, cafeterias, and restrooms.

Used in Spaces Where Safety and Environmental Standards Should Be Met

The epoxy floor coating meets the safety and environmental standards that make it more suitable for use. It also protects the concrete floors, adding durability and strength to them. You can easily maintain them and require nothing but mopping with disinfectants.

If you need your floors to be epoxy coated by a reliable epoxy floor franchise, reach out to Steel Coated Epoxy Floors to get your commercial spaces floored!