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Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Coated Floors

The Steel Coated Floors process typically takes between 3 and 4 days. This gives us time to apply multiple layers of protection and ensures that the floor is adequately cured.
Yes! There are a lot of companies doing some pretty bad work, so a big portion of Steel Coated jobs require removing previous failed coatings. We will make sure the job is done right and we won’t tell anyone about your past mistakes. You’ll finally be able to be seen in public again.
What’s the biggest difference between Tom Brady and that kid down your street with a decent arm? Steel Coated Floors are done the right way from start to finish. Our experience can’t be matched by a weekend warrior with a paint brush and a dream. If you’re looking for the biggest difference we’ve got two words for you. LIFETIME GUARANTEE!
While we are working there will be some odors. Steel Coated Floors makes sure to keep the area well ventilated, so it shouldn’t be anything too bad. Once the project is completed there will be no odor from the floor. You will smell the massive release of raw masculine pheromones that come standard with owning a Steel Coated Floor.
We typically recommend scheduling your project between three and four weeks in advance. This can vary depending on time of year and the size of your floor.
Look buddy, we’re not doctors, so we’ll leave that to the medical professionals. BUT… you will feel pretty damn good about yourself when we’re done.
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