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When it comes to revamping your garage and giving it an attractive new look, you need to focus on your floor coating options. The garage floor is one of the most significant features of an area and needs to stand out. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, it also needs to be highly functional and durable. You need a garage floor coating that would last several years without getting damaged by the daily wear and tear, cleaning agents, chemicals,  present in the garage.

While concrete floors are popular options, they aren’t impervious to tire marks and imprints. To make your garage floor stand out and complement the elements within the space, you should opt for our steel coated epoxy floors. These are made from industrial-grade epoxy, extending their longevity and making them more durable. Epoxy floor coatings help protect your garage floor, ensuring it stays free of cracks, stains, tire marks, and other defects.

Moreover, they’re corrosion resistant, preventing floor damage caused by harsh chemicals typically used in garages. The best part about investing in a steel coated epoxy floor is that it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain. By investing in our steel coated epoxy floors in Georgia, you can count on your garage surface standing strong for a long time.

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That’s not all! Steel coated epoxy floors also add immense value to your property, immediately enhancing its aesthetic appeal. You don’t have to worry about your garage looking dull and gloomy. They’ll help you set the tone for your garage, making it one of the most frequented and aesthetically appealing areas in your house.

Our steel coated epoxy floors aren’t restricted to garages. You can also add them to your patio or basement. Additionally, we also provide our floor coating service to commercial garages, warehouses, hangars, and basements. Our industrial epoxy floor coatings are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial use and enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your property.

Ready to transform your space in Georgia? You’re at the right place. Steel Coated Floors has over 30 years of experience in the industry and specializes in steel-coated epoxy floors. Our durable floor coatings are extremely versatile and can be used for various projects. We also offer a lifetime warranty to our clients.

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